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Jack the Ripper

13th February 1891: Frances Coles is found dead under the railway arch, Swallow Gardens, Whitechapel.
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Jack the Ripper is the pseudonym given to a serial killer active in the Whitechapel area of London, England in the second half of 1888. The name is taken from a letter by someone claiming to be the killer, published at the time of the killings. Although many theories have been advanced, Jack the Ripper's identity has not yet been determined, and may never be.

The legends surrounding the Ripper murders have become a complex muddle of genuine historical research, freewheeling conspiracy theory and dubious folklore. The lack of an identity for the killer has allowed subsequent amateur sleuths to point their fingers at a wide variety of candidates. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_the_Ripper [Aug 2004]

Case 17

Case 17. Jack the Ripper. - On December 1, 1887, July 7, August 8, September 30, one day in the month of October and on the 9th of November, 1888; on the 1st of June, the 17th of July and the 10th of September, 1889, the bodies of women were found in various lonely quarters of London ripped open and mutilated in a peculiar fashion. The murderer has never been found. It is probable that he first cut the throats of his victims, then ripped open the abdomen and groped among the intestines. In some instances he cut off the genitals and carried them away; in others he only tore them to pieces and left them behind. He does not seem to have had sexual intercourse with his victims, but very likely the murderous act and subsequent mutilation of the corpse were equivalents for the sexual act. (McDonald, le criminal type, 2 edit., Lyon, 1884; Spitzka, The Journal of Mental and Nervous Diseases, 1888, December; - Kierman, The Medical Standard, 1888, Nov. and Dec.) --http://www.casebook.org/ripper_media/rps.sexualis.html [Aug 2004] Krafft-Ebing

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