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Robert Bishop (1945 - 1991)

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Robert K. Bishop (1945 - 1991) was an American bondage artist. Born in Michigan, he has been compared with John Willie and described as the "Rembrandt of bondage art". His work has been published extensively in bondage magazines, especially those of Centurians Publications and the bondage publisher House of Milan. His work was known for being very detailed and vivid. His main theme was extremely tight and/or reinforced bondage.

He committed suicide at the age of 46. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bishop_%28artist%29 [Jun 2005]


Born 1945 - Died 1991: Michigan-born illustrator who studied art in Detroit (Michigan Art School), and started doing art for Centurians Publications, and other assorted early-Scene magazines. He joined up with House Of Milan (HOM) -- he also did some side work with Harmony Publications, but had some concerns with the cautiously consensual "Harmony Philosophy" as it pertained to fiction), and it was with HOM that he produced much of his best-known work, including the "Fanny Hall" comic series, and covers for Frank Campbell and Geoffrey Merrick novels. He was quite reclusive, and an avid gun collector. Sadly, he took his own life, at the age of 46. Often referred to only as "Bishop," he is best known for his black and white work, with a heavy use of airbrush to generate texture and sheen. Considered by many to be the Master of bondage illustration, his work commonly features hapless women, straining against their bonds, heavily gagged, and wearing latex. He had done some paintings, plus some FemDom works, but appears to have had little interest in the latter. -- http://www.dushi.com/bdsm_art/work/bishop/ [Accessed April 2003, offline (Jan 2004)]

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