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Ron Baker

Check his bass solo on Loleatta's 'Hit And Run' on Gold Mind rds

Email conversation with Ron Baker jr on 26 Jan 99

:Unfortunately he passed away in August of 1990. Towards the later part of the 70's he Norman Harris and Earl Young formed a production company "Golden Fleece Productions". I don't think it was too successful though. So they continued with the MSFB thing. They wrote a lot of music though. I have some of it (found it in my moms basement of all places). He spent most of the 80's doing session work and playing the Atlantic City Circuit.

I never realized how well known these guys were until I started producing tracks of my own. When most people in Philly see the name Ron Baker they assume that its my dad until they meet me. They're expecting an older guy.

jahsonic wrote: > Hi,
> please tell me more about your father. Is he
available for an
> interview? He hasn't passed away, has he?
> Jan

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