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Roots reggae

Roots reggae or roots rock reggae is a type of pure reggae which combines the traditional ska sound with American rock and roll, R&B and pop music. It is the most accessible form of reggae, and the most popular globally, primarily due to the success of superstar singer Bob Marley. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roots_reggae

List of Roots Reggae Artists

The Abyssinians Laurel Aitken Rolando Alphonso Horace Andy Big Youth (Jamaica) Black Uhuru Burning Spear (Jamaica, USA) Don Carlos Carlene Davis Clement Coxsone Dodd The Heptones The Itals Bob Marley (Jamaica, England) Rita Marley (Jamaica) Culture (Jamaica) Freddie McGregor Judy Mowatt Junior Murvin Lee Scratch Perry Prince Far I (Jamaica) Junior Reid Garnett Silk Sizzla Sly & Robbie Steel Pulse Steely & Clevie Peter Tosh (Jamaica) Upsetters & Friends Bunny Wailer Delroy Wilson

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  1. Soul Rebels (1970) - Bob Marley & the Wailers [1 CD, Amazon US]
    In the late summer of 1970, a momentous but short-lived partnership was undertaken between the Wailers and the bizarre, innovative producer/performer Lee Perry. All were alumni of Coxson Dodd's Studio One, having departed to seek their fortunes by controlling their own products. While at Studio One the Wailers had developed a good working relationship with Perry, who had routinely supervised their recording sessions and occasionally used them as harmonists on his own vocal efforts, like his big hit Pussy Galore. As the summer of 1970 wound down, the Wailers were coming off a major disappointment. They had produced an extraordinary collection of songs, arguably the first real concept album in reggae's history, for Chinese-Jamaican producer Leslie Kong. A week after the release of their collaboration called The Best of the Wailers, Kong dropped dead in his home, and the album was, at least for the moment, stillborn. The Wailers had watched with envy as Perry, a tiny sprite whom everyone called "Scratch," had begun to make himself rich, mainly through his link-up with British-based labels. He had recently enjoyed a major British chart smash with his studio band, known as the Upsetters (just as Scratch, and his chief record label, would also be called Upsetter). The song was called "Return of Django," and the Wailers wanted in on similar action. -- Leroy Jodie Pierson & Roger Steffens [...]

  2. African Herbsman (1973) - Bob Marley [1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Lively Up Yourself 2. Small Axe 3. Duppy Conqueror 4. Trench Town Rock 5. African Herbsman 6. Keep On Moving 7. Fussing And Fighting 8. Stand Alone 9. All In One 10. Don't Rock The Boat 11. Put It On 12. Sun Is Shining 13. Kaya 14. Riding High 15. Brain Washing 16. 400 Years
    [...] the "tinny" sound just comes with the territory (sometimes) when you delve into the older Wailers recordings. If you are new to the Wailers, this would not be my first recommendation, but it is a very fine album none the less, worthy of inclusion in any Marley collection. However, may I also recommend an alternative... "Bob Marley and The Wailers: The Early Years". You'll get a lot of the same songs, plus other great hard to find tunes, plus better sound. I normally hesitate to recommend "greatest hits" type albums but this one is exceptional and a safe bet if you're unable to collect each individual album from Bob's early work. Also, if you like "African Herbsman" or "...The Early Years" check out "Rasta Revolution"...a groundbreaking and overlooked gem, in my opinion. Any of the above mentioned albums are an excellent way to explore Bob's music before the more commercial Chris Blackwell production values came into the picture. A Lee Perry production. -- big_wheel from Los Angeles for amazon.com [...]

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