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Ross Allen

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Country Got Soul

This week sees the release of Country Got Soul, a compilation of classics by a crop of swampy redneck hepcats that included TONY JOE WHITE, DAN PENN, EDDIE, DONNIE FRITTS, LARRY JON WILSON and even the great CHARLIE RICH. Assembled by singer-songwriter Jeb Loy Nichols for DJ Ross Allen's new Casual label, it features sleevenotes by RBP Editor BARNEY HOSKYNS, along with a 1969 swamp manifesto by Atlantic Records kingpin JERRY WEXLER. We reproduce both of them here.


  1. Country Got Soul (2003) - Various Artists [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
    1. Larry Jon Wilson - Sheldon Churchyard 2. Razzy - I Hate Hate 3. Charlie Rich - Hey Good Lookin 4. Eddie Hinton - Come Running Back To You 5. Tony Joe White - Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You 6. Travis Wammack - You Better Move On 7. Donnie Fritts - Short End Of The Stick 8. Delaney & Bonnie - We Can Love 9. Reuben Howell - Funny How Time Slips Away 10. Jim Ford - I- m Gonna Make You Love Me 11. George Soule - Get Involved 12. Sandra Rhodes - Where's Your Love Been 13. Johnny Daye - Stay Baby Stay 14. Bobby Hatfield - The Feeling Is Right 15. Dann Penn - If Love was Money
  2. Meltdown, a Ross Allen compilation [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]

    1. In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country - Boards of Canada 2. This Is the Lost Generation - The Lost Generation 3. Up With People [Zero7 Reprise] 4. Holy Track - Mark Pritchard 5. Day Dream - I Monster 6. Moohah the DJ - Joe Dukes 7. Tribe of Love 8. Be Happy - Mary J. Blige 9. O la Cubano - Orishas 10. Launch Padlock Smith 11. Once Around the Block [Andy Votel Remix] - Badly Drawn Boy 12. Dream Gerrard Disc: 2 1. Gimmie the Grass - Barrington Levy 2. Alphabet Aerobics [Cut Chemist 2 Minute Workout] - Blackalicious 3. Pieces of Ipanema [Mark Pritchard Mix] 4. Why You Wanna Be Like That [Doctor Scratch Stomp Mix] - Patti Austin 5. Falling [Stanton Warriors Dub] 6. You Are the Future [Guiro Mix] - Children of Planet Earth 7. Calling All Drama Queens 8. Dark Side 9. I Feel Good Tonight - DJ Boom 10. Double Drums - Peace Orchestra 11. Big Bossa - Danny Breaks 12. Andreaen Sand Dunes - Drexciya

    Two CD set compiled by UK DJ Ross Allen. Extremely eclectic with Belgian 'Daydream' and Detroit's Drexciya and all in between.

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