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Directors: William Mishkin - Doris Wishman

Titles: Olga series


[...] In this and the following decade, antiquated "clap operas" and anti-drug screeds gave way to Meyer-style "nudie-cuties" like Diary of a Nudist (1962) and "roughies" like The Animal (1967), whose tagline took full advantage of the new screen freedom: "He made her an animal... now all he needed was a leash!" One step further (or sideways) were the "ghoulies," which added murder and mayhem to the mix, and the beloved "mondo" movies, which leeringly exposed an international array of anthropological oddities. -- March 1997 | Issue 18 Copyright © 1997 by Gary Morris, http://www.brightlightsfilm.com/18/18_grind.html

The combination of widened freedom of expression ...

The combination of widened freedom of expression and the emergence of the drive-in market in the late 50s and 60s ushered in a new Exploitation era. A new generation of exploiteers realized a changing society required new forms of shock and titillation. When the nudie-cuties wore out their welcome, David Friedman and H.G. Lewis shifted gears in 1963 with Scum of the Earth, a tale of a modeling co-ed's slippery descent into the world of pornography. The success of Russ Meyer's Lorna (1964) marked the death of the nudie and the ascent of mix of sex and violence known as the "roughie." Other exponents of this creepy sub-genre include R. Lee Frost's unsettling The Defilers (1965), Joseph Mawra's Olga series, and Doris Wishman's outré fantasies. --Michael Draine, Exploitation, http://www.greencine.com/static/primers/exploitation.jsp [Jun 2004]

The Defilers/The Scum of the Earth (1963) - Herschell Gordon Lewis

  1. The Defilers/The Scum of the Earth (1963) - Herschell Gordon Lewis [Amazon.com]
    Here's a double dose of drive-in depravity with two kinky classics from producer David F. Friedman! "Scum of the Earth!" (1963, 68 min.) - Trying to earn money for college, wholesome cutie Kim (Vickie Miles) is sucked into the degenerate world of the dirty picture racket when she agrees to model for the "Scum of the Earth" in this film from cult director Herschell Gordon Lewis. Under the tutelage of a sleazy photographer, Kim is soon posing topless before being blackmailed into appearing in raunchier shots, which lead to a police raid, two murders, and suicide. "The Defilers" (1965, 63 min.) are two hedonistic young men who, just for kicks, abduct a sexy blonde (Mai Jansson) as their own personal sex toy. Directed by R. Lee Frost (Love Camp 7), this shattering story of the shameless is downright nasty but you can't look away. --Description

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