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SM (in) Books

This page contains a list of books that still need to find a place in their respective categories.


  1. Breaking the Girl - Kim Corum [Amazon US]
    See what all the fuss is about... "I wasn't a slave. I was a willing participant." "His name was Frank. Just Frank. His last name really doesn't matter. It was Smith or Jones or Gallagher or... Hell. Just pick one. They're really all the same. I didn't know that much about him." "Maybe Frank classified me as a whore." "I stopped talking, begging, pleading. Plotting. I wasn't going to win him over. It was his way or no way. And I knew that. So it was his way." "I just wasn't that kind of tie me up, tie me down, beat me, switch me, hold me tight, love me forever' kind of girl. Frank was that kind of guy. Which made me that kind of girl." "And when it was over, we fell away from each other gasping for air." "...he brought the money-in fifties and hundreds-to me, delivering it in a bank bag. Delivering it to me with a big smile on his face, as if he were happy to deliver it, glad he could accommodate me. Who was the real slave here?" Breaking the Girl-a story of white hot sex and submission. --amazon.com

  2. How I Adore You: Stories - Mark Pritchard [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    Where do I begin? Mark Pritchard goes 7 for 7 with his second collection of erotic stories. No filler here kiddies. Lessons In Submission starts it off with a man describing several hot scenes with his woman. My question to you is : is it live or is it phone sex? Ordinary Story follows Jim as he meets his lover Ron's girlfriend. You'll particularly enjoy the excellent dialog between Jim and his friends ("I'm afraid you have...Gap disease") before the story culminates in a very hot 3 way. Cousin clocks in as the shortest of the bunch but don't let that or the subject matter throw you. Trick finds Sam following Cary to meet his "Daddy". Things start to heat up a bit when the trio are interrupted by Dirk Powers, porn star, and his movie pals. While you're disappointed at the break in the action, things pick back up when Sam wanders off to Dirk's waiting limo. Sounds like a pro/am video waiting to happen. Incest, my personal favorite, while not exactly P.C., is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! 'Nuff said. The title story finds Susan embarking on a 9 1/2 Weeks (the book, not the movie) tinged lesbian affair with Elena. Prom rounds out the group with a nice long story that I can best describe as Natural Born Killers show up for an orgy at the final dance of the school year. If there is a taboo that this one doesn't cover, I can't think of what it is. An excellent collection that contains great dialog, hot action, and a little something for everyone. When I was finished reading it, I was struck by 2 things. First, with the exception of Prom, you can't readily discern the gender of the proagonist for the first few paragraphs. Second, I can't wait for the 2nd edition of Mark's 1st collection, Too Beautiful & Other Stories, to be released. I also hope he's diligently at work on Collection #3. --MICHAEL R. ZOGLIO for amazon.com

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