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Scandinavian pornography

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Scandinavian porn (1966-74)

The first full color high quality pictures of explicit sex emerged out of Scandinavia in the mid '60s. Flamboyant car salesman Berth Milton began publishing Private Magazine in 1965, the first periodical in the world to legally show sexual penetration.

Private contrasted with the pattern of earlier publications whose covers promised much but delivered little. Issue two showed a close-up of a vagina. A man shows up in the next issue and by number nine Private shows full intercourse. The cum shot arrived with issue 14 in the summer of 1968

By that time [1968], the Danish capital of Ko had achieved international recognition as the center of the world's pornography industry.

High quality Scandinavian stag films formed the transition to the full-blown adult feature. Simple and mechanical, this technically proficient Northern European product used performers who appear to just go through the motions. -- http://www.tranquileye.com/historyofporn/1966-74.html

Scandinavian porn

This frigid part of Europe, comprising Sweden, Denmark and Holland, has always supplied the rest of the world with so much hot fucking. Maybe it's the climate, with Sweden being the coldest and the bandwagon leader of wild sex. Even revered arthouse godhead Ingmar Bergman made films filled with rape, exhibitionism, assfucking, humiliation, self mutilation and dirty talk.

Sweden exploded the celluloid sexual bomb in the U.S. at the close of the sixties with I am Curious Yellow, a social commentary featuring scenes of frank, graphic fucking. It set a court precedent and became a major boxoffice smash. Radley Metzger also imported Mac Ahlberg's I a Woman, the story of a nurse's various affairs, and it also proved successful. Sweden became synonymous with raunch.

In the 1970s, American porn stars were exported to Sweden, with the films imported back domestically. Mac Ahlberg's The Second Coming of Eva brings out the sexy stoner charms of Brigette Maier, placing her within a girl's school context and fleshing out the cast with pretty bodies. It's soft focus hard fucking from start to finish.

Bel Ami features international sex celeb Harry Reems in a performance that is classic Harry with lapses into the sublime. Harry displays his entire range, from the exclamatory silent burlesque faces he's so noted for to looking like Hunter Thompson in Fear and Loathing. Hiding behind red aviator sunglasses, Harry is tripping out of his mind in a foreign country as he's having a barrage of sexual encounters. The cast uses him as a Lucky Pierre. Harry is passed around from woman to woman with the nonchalance of a desert cart. Among the samplers is Maria Forsa, the epitome of the wholesome, blonde, naturalist Swede.

Denmark legalized pornography in the late sixties, celebrating the event with sex expos as documented by Sexual Freedom [Alex de Renzy] in Denmark. Since then, the Danes have wreaked all manner of sexual mayhem, from the giddy to the degenerate. The first to capitalize on the dirty Danes was furrier turned distributor Lee Hessel with his Cambist Pictures. Cambist brought the world the Ilsa movies and Eurosleaze classics like Vampyres. From 1970 to 1971, Cambist released a series of Danish imports with bouncy plotlines, outstandingly pretty girls, good production values and very hard sex, all with an undertow of the forbidden.

Danish Pastries centers around a girls school. Touches of kink like canings and uniforms abound, with a silly storyline about an aphrodisiac making the girls uncontrollably horny. 1001 Danish Delights was a major hit when first released. Its signature scene of a man fucking a woman atop a horse has been reproduced in Playboy and numerous sex in cinema books. The film takes a glossy approach to multipositional fucking. The most shocking Cambist film is Bordello. It manages to hint at everything taboo, from young stuff to animals, in a Manchurian Candidate flashcard way without showing anything but stealithy normal fucking.

The most controversial Danish import ever, won best film at the Copenhagen Wet Dream festival under its original title One Summer Day. Bluntly titled Animal Lover in the U.S., the movie documents the barnyard antics of Bodil Jensen. An attractive blonde farm girl, Bodil fucks a dog, rolls in shit as she blows a pig and lets a rubber filled with horse semen burst on her smiling face as a finale.

Bodil, who, in the film, claimed that she preferred animals as sex partners, was such a curiosity that she was even studied by swingin' sexologists Drs. Phyllis and Eberhardt Kronhausen. Her unexpected stardom gave pause to many questions. Why did she do this? What burned out the line between the socially acceptable and unacceptable so thoroughly in her? Even if Bodil liked it, the sadism inherent in the act of watching this woman fucking with an animal was the societal taboo stigma that drew and aroused so many male ticket buyers.

Distributed by Chelly Wilson's Variety Films, Animal Lover was a big hit. It played three San Francisco adult theaters simultaneously and the Mini Cinema in New York's Times Square. Animal Lover's run at the Mini was well publicized in New York's daily tabloids with ads featuring a cartoon of Bodil with a farm animal under each arm. After months at the Mini, Animal Lover was busted. A Manhattan judge found it obscene and ordered the print destroyed. Apparently, it was the print at the Mini, because a few weeks later, Animal Lover continued to play at Mrs. Wilson's adult theaters in Brooklyn and Queens.

To this day, top quality prints of Animal Lover change hands in the film collecting world and video companies will supply a copy of it if asked. -- Copyright 2002 Alpha Blue Archives, accessed and copied for research purposes from http://www.alphabluearchives.com/euro.html on Jun 2004

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