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1. "Scene" is also used synonymously with subculture, particularly in reference to social groups based on music, fashion, or other types of hobbies.

Examples: "The punk rock scene is very visible in LA"; "Those kids look like they are way into the gaming scene."

2. Occasionally the word "scene" refers to a specific youth subculture noted for its elitism, taste for indie rock and obscure, experimental music genres as well as a distinct, impeccable fashion sense. Although closely related to emo, the scene is more worldly in music appreciation, more exclusive, and pays more for clothes. The scene is similar to the emo and straight-edge movements in personal style, but it can nevertheless be clearly distinguished as its own movement.

An affiliate of the scene is known as a scenester, which is similar to a hipster except more modern.

Many scenesters characterize themselves as such with: a-line haircuts, hair dyed black or partly black and partly bleached, tight clothing, thrift store accessories, Existentialist literature, thick-rimmed glasses and/or huge sunglasses, deliberate and calculated geekiness, membership to social networking web clients such as Friendster, interest in '80s pop culture, frequenting local shows, chain-smoking, a left-wing political slant, and (add yours here).

The scene even has its own vocabulary to separate it from other subcultures; for instance, the term "scene points" refers to an imaginary system in which one is awarded points for every aspect of character that conforms to the stereotype of the scene.

For more information: Urban Dictionary's entry (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=scene&r=f)

Will Straw (1991) describes a music scene, rather than a music community, as "that cultural space in which a range of musical practices coexist, interacting with each other within a variety of processes of differentiation, and according to widely varying trajectories of change and cross-fertilization." (p.273) Rather than forming from a class, group, or community of people a scene is formed through various "coalitions" and "alliances" that must be maintained. Straw suggests that it is through scenes that social divisions such as class, race, gender, and age boundaries are drawn, rather than the other way around. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scene [Feb 2005]

Scene (BDSM)

In BDSM, a scene is a complete encounter. While what constitutes such an encounter will vary depending on the people, kink and lifestyle involved almost everyone in the community uses the term.

It may help to think of a scene as the BDSM equivalent of what might be considered a romantic interlude or erotic encounter.

Scene music is music that one might play during the scene to set the tone or mood. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scene_%28BDSM%29 [Feb 2005]

UK scenes

The Hacienda

New York Scenes

Peak year: 1969
You might see Andy, but probably not. For sure you saw Mickey Ruskin.

Peak year: 1971
Steve Ostrow’s place to get all pruney listening to Bette and Barry.

Peak year: 1972
Where the uptown disco crowd listened to “Rock the Boat.”

Peak year: 1973
David Mancuso’s masterpiece, the greatest of the early underground discos.

Peak years: 1976–78
Larry Levinson’s swinging dungeon. The sex was overrated; the dancing wasn’t.

Peak years: 1976–79 In all its grungy glory, the single best center of any scene.

Peak years: 1977–79
Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager’s star-studded, coke-fueled disco palace, a cultural landmark with laughing gas.

Peak year: 1979
If Steve Mass let you sit upstairs, you were royal, in a vaguely cruddy way.

Peak year: 1982
A three-tiered emporium of fabulously loud insignificance.

Peak year: 1982
Was Larry Levan the greatest spinner in history? Anyone who was there thinks so.

Peak year: 1985
Changing monthly themes (Sex, Faith, Body Oddities) made it feel like every night was Halloween.

Peak year: 1987
The church setting always made you feel like you’d be spanked when you got home.

Peak year: 1989
When Avenue A was the far east. Nirvana played “About a Girl” here, and “Polly.”

Peak year
: 1987
The dirigible of the downtown scene. Now an NYU dorm.

--Newyorkmetro.com [May 2004]

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