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Key work of art: Scream (1893) - Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch's intense, evocative treatment of psychological anguish was a major influence on the development of German Expressionism in the early 20th century. The Scream (1893; originally called Despair), which is probably Munch's most famous painting, is regarded as an icon of existential anguish. As with many of his works, he painted several versions of it. [Jul 2006]


Scream queens

  1. http://www.cultsirens.com/ The term "Scream Queen", if I recall correctly, was created somewhere in the early eighties, by someone in the media covering cinematic fantasy. That way, it helped categorize and recognize the numerous actresses frequently hired for horror pictures. More often than not, these women worked in awkward conditions and portrayed characters in mainly decorative roles. The principal goal of this site is to honor some of these brave souls, famous or not, and give some deserving web space to more undeservedly obscure actresses.
  2. http://www.screamqueen.com/

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