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Sergio Munzibai

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One part of the M&M team, together with John Morales. One of there best mixes is Weekend.


Sergio was born in Cuba, in the early 50's and if I remember we were both about the same age. He came to the U.S. around the time he was 10. Sergio also started his love for music at a young age, he later became a music teacher and like me, always loved music. He was a DJ working in Manhattan in the late 70's - 80's working at the famous Flamingo Club, he also worked at a club called Chaps and the Rainbow Grove. In the mid 80's, he got a job at WBLS in NY as an Assistant Program Director working with Frankie Crocker, that is how he initially met John Morales. As at that time I was also doing mix tapes for the station, on one occasion we both found ourselves mixing records at the same studio (Blank Tapes). With both of us moving from room to room within the studio to see what the other was doing and exchanging ideas, we slowly developed a friendship and decided that we would make a good team. Thus M&M Mix was born - Morales & Munzibai. We worked together from '82 to about '90.

Sergio, unfortunately passed away around 1993, if I remember, sometimes I'm not very accurate with dates. Sergio was a wonderful person, full of life, he loved music and he was a great people person. Anyone who knew him loved him, and I'm sure wherever he is - he's listening to music." -- [...]

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