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Set It Off (1984) - Strafe

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Available on: Perfect Beats vol. 2 (1998)

This song was one of the best examples of New York Underground Music circa 1984. A small label from Brooklyn finds itself with a unique electro-funk cut that has every DJ in New York playing it in heavy rotation. This was in an era where The Paradise Garage & The Fun House clubs in Manhattan were running two different scenes. First being Larry Levan spinning to a more mature and sophisticated gay crowd and Jellybean who was spinning to the kids of The Bronx, Brooklyn & Queens (Later known as Bridge & Tunnel and included New Jersey). This song found huge success within both camps and with heavy radio support, it became the classic it is right up until today. Walter Gibbons provided the mix and was welcomed back to the scene after a long hiatus. This would be his last before his passing. The dub mix was long and had weird dub effects which made it an excellent mixing tool. --DJ Frankie Bones

Walter Gibbons

After years out of the spotlight, Gibbons resurfaced in 1984 with a mix of a 12-inch single called 'Set It Off' that would define the New York dance underground. It created a sensation at the Garage, where it was championed by Levan, and spawned countless remakes by the likes of C. Sharp and Masquerade and at least one answer single, Number 1's 'Set It Off (Party Rock)'. Perhaps the definitive version of 'Set It Off' was Strafe's, with its mesmerizing vocal hook woven into a spare but hauntingly atmospheric rhythm bed. [Oct 2006]


  • Jus Born records
    • Strafe 'Set It Off' (1984)
      • Steve Standard and George Logios (Bombers?)

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