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Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten (Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible) is a 1970 German so-called sex-report film directed by Ernst Hofbauer, based on a book by Günther Hunold and produced by Wolfgang C. Hartwig.

The film was a commercial success in 1970, topping the German cinema charts for weeks. Although it still had elements of the "Aufklärungsfilme" (sex education films) of the 1960s it was quite exploitative - and the audience knew it. This was the first in a series that would last for thirteen titles. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schulm%C3%A4dchen-Report [Nov 2005]


Sex report films were sex films that posed as documentary films, popular in 1970s Europe.

Mostly a German and Nordic phenomenon, these films followed the wake of the Kinsey and Masters and Johnson - type reports. Producers Erwin C. Dietrich and Wolf C. Hartwig were active in the genre, the latter produced the Schulmädchen-Report films. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_report_film [Nov 2005]


Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten, or Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl: Schulmädchen Report and German Body Politic

Schulmädchen Report #1 (Hofbauer, 1970, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066341/) and the dozens of sex report films that followed were anxious hybrids of reportage, sex education films and soft core pornography. The series, designed to titillate a assumed older male spectator, were clearly in dialogue with German student radicalism and the politicization of sexuality and nudity of the 1960s. The Schoolgirl Reports pointedly work against this discourse by locating sexual liberation and nudity in the middleclass milieu with pubescent and teenage girls. It functions to re-privatize sex and nudity and to rediscover the erotic and unpolitical charge ofthe young female body. The fictional psychologist in the film who compiles the report from his research authorizes sexual experimentation as a natural process that schools and parents can and should monitor; sexual liberationas a political force is recuperated as a middle class coming of age story. --Jennifer Fay, Michigan State University, http://www.uiowa.edu/~mmla/abstract-sample.html [Dec 2004]

Back in 1970, more than 7 million Germans saw the first SCHULMADCHEN REPORT - an unbelievable success for the producer, even by today's standards.

The film gave way to a whole wave of sequels and rip-offs, which was no surprise, as those apparently "serious" film buffs were talking about the sexual growing up of the teen generation based on strictly scientific studies by Gunther Hunold. In each film of the series - consisting of 13 parts on the whole - six up to eight examples of modern youth were examined. Subjects were forbidden love, relationships between pupil and teacher, incest, prostitution, rape and undesired pregnancy - told by means of a somewhat threadbare framing plot. However, the numerous sex scenes, which previously had not been seen in such graphic detail, were only one element which led to the success of the series and its imitations. Sometimes serious, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but never heavy with conservative moral values, the films presented anecdotes of "modern" youth (or what the producer's tried to sell as such) which wasn't hesitant to undress without restraint and to enjoy life right here and right now. "This youth knows where it's at," the adult spectators thought at the time, "much more than the generation of their parents ever did."

Secret desires, such as peeping through the keyhole of the daughter's room, or watching the 16 year old neighbor's daughter while making love, were directly addressed, the alibi of science was abandoned after part 3 at the latest. The so-called "Report Films" had become established, a justification was no longer required.

LIEBE UNTER 17 ("Love Under 17"), HAUSFRQUEN REPORT ("Housewife Report"), HOCHZEITSNACHT REPORT ("Honeymoon Report"), SCHLUSSELLOCH REPORT ("Keyhole Report"), URLAUBS REPORT ("Holiday Report"), JUNGFRAUEN REPORT ("Virgin Report"), or SCHULER REPORT ("Schoolboy Report") were only some of the numerous theatrical features which hit German cinemas in subsequent years. They all combined short spicy stories about the sexual life of more or less juvenile citizens with a supporting plot and the obligatory street interviews.

The SHULMADCHEN REPORT films still enjoy their revival. Although more than 25 years have passed sine the creation of the original, those films still manage to fascinate. Pseudo-realistic scenes full of eroticism, young bodies and fresh faces of boys and girls. The fashion and music of the '70s, which was rediscovered by the mid-90s Easy Listening trend. Miniskirts, flamboyant post-hippy clothing and driving beat music, psychedelic orgies and acid pop. --Graf Haufen/VIDEOROM Berlin March, 1996 via http://www.chaoskitty.com/t_chaos/shul.html [Dec 2004]

Virgin Report (1971) - Jesus Franco

Virgin Report (1971) - Jesus Franco [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Take a tantalizing tour around the world through the bedrooms of history! Shot in exotic locales with a stunningly beautiful and sexy international cast, Virgin Report is one of the finest and wildest of the successful "Sex Report" films made in Europe during the 1970s. Experience the expression of love from the age of gods and demons to our own modern era, with stops along the way to peer at medieval convents, exotic wedding night rituals, adolescent experimentation, and much, much more! Featuring the luscious Britt Nichols (Tombs of the Blind Dead), Christina von Blanc (A Virgin among the Living Dead), Eva Garden (Swinging Wives), and horror favorite Howard Vernon (The Awful Dr. Orlof), this delicious dish of delights rips away the chaste clothing of civilized society to expose the naked, unbridled truth of love and lust! From fearless cult director Jess Franco, the man who brought you Vampyros Lesbos, Count Dracula, Barbed Wire Dolls, The Bloody Judge and Venus in Furs.

Schulmädchen-Report. Der deutsche Sexfilm der 70er Jahre (2002) - Annette Miersch

Schulmädchen-Report. Der deutsche Sexfilm der 70er Jahre (2002) - Annette Miersch [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Der Blick unters Dinrdl - Der andere deutsche Film der 70er Sexfilme made in Germany fanden in den 70er Jahren ein Millionenpublikum. Zwischen '68 und '74 waren 50 Prozent aller deutschen Kinoproduktionen diesem Genre zuzuordnen. Heute genießen die berühmt-berüchtigten SCHULMÄDCHEN-REPORTE bei Trash-Nostalgikern Kultstatus. Trotz alledem blieb dieses gesellschaftlich bedeutende Kapitel deutscher Filmgeschichte bis heute so gut wie ungeschrieben. Dieses Buch schließt diese Lücke: Es erzählt die Geschichte der bundesdeutschen »Sexfilm-Welle« von den Anfängen in den 60ern bis zum Niedergang Anfang der 80er und folgt dabei neben film- auch kulturgeschichtlichen Fragen: Wie war die Befindlichkeit einer Gesellschaft, die solche Filme hervorbrachte, in welchem »sexuellen Klima« entstanden sie, und welchen Beitrag leisteten sie ihrerseits zum öffentlichen Sex-Diskurs? Eine kritische und faktenreiche Zeitreise in eine aus heutiger Sicht oftmals bizarr anmutende Ära.
Die 182 Fotos und Plakatreproduktionen ergänzen den Text eindrücklich.

Über den Autor
Annette Miersch studierte Gemanistik, Medienwissenschaft, Kunstwissenschaft und Pädagogik, arbeitete als Journalistin und Reporterin für zahlreiche Radiosender und als Dozentin in medienpädagogischen Projekten. Derzeit ist sie Redakteurin beim ORB.

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