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Skull Snaps

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Skull Snaps was a mysterious funk group that only released one album on the small GSF label in 1973 before disbanding. Skull Snaps is also the name of that album.

Skull Snaps' main claim to fame is not its quality, but that the drum breaks on it have been sampled numerous times on rap and hip-hop records; the familiar opening drum pattern of "It's A New Day" can be heard in songs by well-known acts such as Ol' Dirty Bastard and The Prodigy.

This, added to the fact that is a rare record, means it often trades for $200 to $300 between collectors. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skull_Snaps [Mar 2006]

Skull Snaps (1973) Skull Snaps

Originally released on GSF records in 1974, now on CD, a legendary funk album that's been in demand for years. The Skull Snaps only ever cut this one album during the early 70s -- and it's a masterful blend of hard funk, sweet soul, and strident group grooving. The range of tracks is excelletn -- and highlights include the monster breakbeat track "It's A New Day" (which virtually became the blueprint for hip hop at the end of the 90s!), the uptempo groover "Trespassing", and the righteous funky soul cut "I'm Your Pimp"! Other tracks include "My Hang Up Is You" and "All Of A Sudden".

Track listing
1. My Hang up Is You 2. Having You Around 3. Didn't I Do It to You 4. All of a Sudden 5. It's a New Day 6. I'm Your Pimp 7. I Turn My Back on Love 8. Trepasssing 9. I'm Falling Out of Love

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