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Sleeping Bag Records

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Generic twelve inch Sleeping Bag sleeve


In the early 1980s William Socolov formed Sleeping Bag records with the late Arthur Russell. In 1985 Socolov founded Fresh Records. His labels' rosters included Mantronix, Joyce Sims, Nice & Smooth and the multi-platinum act EPMD, who was the first rap act to have 3 #1 R&B albums in America.

Notable releases

  • Larry Levan mixes on Sleepin Bag
    • SLX-1 Sleeping Bag Class Action f. Christine Wiltshire -- Weekend
      • Written by Leroy Burgess and J. Calloway
      • produced by Bob & Lola Blank
      • a - Mixed by Sergio Munzibai & John Morales
      • b - Mixed by Larry Levan
    • SLX-5/The Jamaica Girls/Need Somebody New (1983)
    • Dinosaur L - Corn Belt (Sleeping Bag's Greatest Mixers LP TLX-42012X(1986))
  • Arthur Russell releases
    • Dinosaur L '24-24 Music' LP (1982)
    • SLX-0 Dinosaur L Go Bang! (1983)
    • SLX-23 Indean Ocean 'Tree House' / 'School Bell' (1986)
      • Produced by Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo
      • Mixed with Love by Walter Gibbons
    • SLX-?? Tiger Stripes Nicky Siano
    • SLX-0 Dinosaur L Go Bang!
  • Other notable releases