Definition (sound)

Of or relating to audible sound --American Heritage Dictionary

Definition (speed)

Extremely exciting and fast-paced --American Heritage Dictionary

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is the flagship character and mascot for the video game / arcade game (and formerly home game console) company Sega, which has released a series of video games in which he either stars or plays a role. Sonic was competing head-to-head with Nintendo's mascot Mario for over a decade until Sega went out of the home console market. He now lives on various Nintendo systems and other consoles. -- [Aug 2004]

Sonic Youth

Ciccone Youth - Get Into The Groove(y) (1986), originally performed by Madonna, this version is the result of Sonic Youth's deeply fixated obsession with Madonna in the mid-80s. Originally released as the first Ciccone Youth single.

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