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Soul Mafia

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[...] The reason the electro scene took so long to fully establish itself in London was down to the stranglehold the all-powerful Soul Mafia DJs held on the Southern scene. The Soul Mafia, with big names like Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, Froggy, Jeff Young and Pete Tong, continued to play jazz-funk and Soul grooves (later referred to as ‘80’s Groove’). It wouldn’t be until 84 that their virtual monopoly of the clubs, radio, and the black music press began to erode as a new order of music replaced the old, laying the foundations not only for Hip-Hop, but also the subsequent UK techno and house scenes. -- Greg Wilson


http://web.ukonline.co.uk/soulies/ the controversy between Northern Soul and Southern jazz funk

The regular line up of 'Mafia' DJs who appeared at Caister (and other big events) included:

  • Chris Hill
  • Robbie Vincent
  • Froggy
  • Sean French
  • Tom Holland
  • Chris Brown
  • Jeff Young
  • Pete Tong
  • Bob Jones
  • Nicky Peck
  • Greg Edwards
  • Martin Collins

    Most of the old 'Mafia' DJs have gone on to become household names (their names were unrecognisable to most people outside the scene, back in the old days !) Pete Tong is a household name, and is now revered by a whole new generation of young clubbers. Martin Collins is a well known presenter on Capital Radio. Robbie Vincent hosts the daily breakfast show on Jazz FM, while Greg Edwards and Jeff Young are still pursuing successful careers in the broadcast and recording industries.

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