Soulfuric records

Soulfuric records

    Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert have been "getting down" with those with a taste for quality dance productions for over four years.  It is their uncanny ability to fuse the raw elements of house music with bonafide vocals and soulfully crafted songs that make Jazz-N-Groove, Urban Blues Project, Soulsearcher, Re-Vibe-Al, whatever they decide to call themselves, "the real deal".

    B rian was originally from "Garage's" spiritual home of New Jersey and he first came to prominence in the UK when he, and his partner at the time, Roy Grant produced "We Can Make It" and "Movin" as Jazz-N-Groove Feat. Moné.  The records were signed by Strictly Rhythm and licensed in the UK by AM:PM.  As the DJ element of the team, Brian can regularly be heard rocking dance floors all over the Globe.

    Marc Pomeroy hailed from Ft. Lauderdale and was simultaneously honing his keyboard and engineering skills.  In 1990 he co-produced an album for an artist on Nile Roger's Ear Candy label, but it was not until a session in 1993 that he first crossed paths with Brian.  In 1995 they united as the Urban Blues Project and recorded the acclaimed "Deliver Me" with Michael Procter.  The classic combination of Brian's DJ sensibility with the musicality of Marc proved to be a winning formula and they have consistently "delivered" since that moment.

    T he following year saw Marc and Brian launch Soulfuric Recordings.  Their first release was "Your Heaven" by Mother Of Pearl which was show cased at the 1996 Winter Music Conference.  Since that moment a continuous flow of celebrated house/garage releases have made Soulfuric one of the world's most collectable labels.  Titles such as "Love Don't Live" with Michael Procter, "Testify" with Jay Williams, and "He Is The Joy" with Donna Allen have been busted in clubs worldwide by Tony Humphries, Masters At Work, Roger Sanchez, Mousse T., etc., etc….

    The out set of 1999 proved to be a pivotal moment for Soulfuric with the Marc Pomeroy produced "Can't Get Enough" under his Soulsearcher moniker.  The record was picked up in the UK by Defected Records, hit the Top 10 in the national chart, sold over 100,000 units and continues to dent charts all over the world!

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