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Strings of Life (1987) - Derrick May

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Derrick May's masterpiece 'Strings of Life' was written by Derrick May and released in 1987 on Transmat records.

Originally, Kevin Saunderson's sampling duties were handled by an Ensoniq Mirage. The distinctively grainy 8-bit sound of the Mirage was a feature on many Detroit records of the time (most famously, perhaps, the Mirage provided the string stabs on Rhythim Is Rhythim's definitive 'Strings of Life') and provided a characteristically metallic edge on some of Saunderson's early classics. The Ensoniq was superceded by a Roland S-550 which lasted until Kevin bought his first Akai sampler, an S900. His fondness for Akai samplers continued with the S1000 and he currently has an S3000.

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