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Stroke book

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Erotic literature vs stroke book

As a literary genre, pornography is writing that has sexual arousal as its primary objective. Erotica is such material with artistic pretensions. Thus, the descriptive term pornography implies a statement about intentionality and instrumentality without reference to merit, whereas the term erotica is evaluative and laudatory. In Flesh and the Word, John Preston more baldly says, "The only difference is that erotica is the stuff bought by rich people."

Since current literary theory makes writing of every sort available to analysis, it has in effect done away with the distinction. To discuss the aesthetic effect of pornographic material is to accord it the status of erotica. --http://www.glbtq.com/literature/erotica_pornography.html [Jun 2004]


Pietro Aretino (1492 - 1556)
... anyone can be called the originator of European pornography, it is Pietro Aretino,
the man responsible for what has been called the premier stroke book of the ...

Olympia Press
... man wandering aimlessly around town. The idea that "Ulysses" had been marketed
as a stroke book was troubling. Who knew, I thought ...

1500s, 16th Century
... _The School of Whoredom_ (written around 1535) is not a work like Aretino's
famous _I Modi_, called the world's first "stroke book". ...

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