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Sub rosa

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In secret; privately or confidentially: held the meeting sub rosa. --American Heritage Dictionary

Luna Park -- Avant Garde Voices 1912-1973

Sub Rosa (Belgium), 20th Century
A treasure trove of early experimental recordings -- a wealth of tracks from key early forces in dada, surrealist, and other avant garde movements of the 20th century! The package really dips back into the vaults -- and brings forth rare tracks from 1912 onward, most of which were recorded quite early, years before the use of magnetic tape. A good part of the material focuses on unusual use of the voice -- either in the style of recording, performance, or nature of the material -- and there's a strong link between many recordings and literary trends of the time. Titles include "Pistol Poem" by Brion Gysin, "The Creative Act" by Marcel Duchamp, "Pour Compte" by Tristan Tzara, "Poeme Pour Phono" by Camille Bryen, "Ursonate" by Kurt Schwitters, "Phantastiche Gebette" by Richard Huelsenbeck, "Le Pont Mirabeau" by Guillaume Apollinaire, "Une Aventure Extraordinare" by Vladimir Mayakovski, "If I Told Him" by Gertrude Stein, "Son Corps Leger" by Gherasim Luca, and "That Melancholy" by EE Cummings. --http://www.dustygroove.com/outsoundcd.htm#393129 [Nov 2005]

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