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Super Ape (1976) - Lee Perry

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If you purchase only one reggae CD in your life, make it Super Ape. Not only is it one of the very best reggae records ever recorded, but simply one of the best records of the seventies in general.


Super Ape is a dub album produced and engineered by Lee "Scratch" Perry, credited to his studio band The Upsetters.

In Jamaica, the album was released under the name Scratch the Super Ape in July 1976 on Perry's own Upsetter label. The Jamaican version had a different track order and a slightly different mix than the international version, that was released in August the same year on Island Records. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Ape [Jul 2006]

Track listing

1. Zion's Blood 2. Croaking Lizard 3. Black Vest 4. Underground 5. Curly Dub - The Upsetters 6. Dread Lion 7. Three in One 8. Patience 9. Dub Along 10. Super Ape

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