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Sweetness is one of the five basic tastes, and is almost universally regarded as a pleasurable experience. In the English language, things that are pleasant in a more general sense are often called sweet, in phrases such as "sweet rest," "sweet revenge," or "home sweet home." In many other languages, both ancient and modern, the adjective meaning sweet can also be used to describe things that are in any way very good: the author of the 104th Psalm of the Bible wrote, "My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD." --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweetness [May 2006]


  • Having the taste of sugar or a substance containing or resembling sugar, as honey or saccharin.
  • Pleasing to the senses; agreeable, kind, lovable, good: the sweet song of the lark; a sweet face.

    Sweet Tears - Roy Ayers

    Sweet Soul music

  • Sweet Soul Music: by Peter Guralnick [Amazon.com]

    Guralnick's thesis seems to be that Southern soul achieved its great creative flowering in the 60s as a result of the partnership between black and white musicians, and even though he interviews a great number of musicians and businessmen - black and white - he can't help himself from empathising with the young white hipsters that made up the house bands at Stax and Muscle Shoals, with the result that the book becomes very much a story told from their point of view (Guralnick calls Dan Penn the "secret hero of this book" - fair enough, but surely James Brown should have been its overt hero). After these white musicians were intimidated out of the business during the racial tension that followed Martin Luther King's assassination in 1968, Guralnick concentrates more on the politics and seems to lose interest in the music itself. -- Peter Brigdman for amazon.com

    Sweet Gwendoline

  • The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline - John Willie [Amazon.com]
    This is the Second Edition (Revised & Enlarged) of a work that was originally published in 1974 (144 pages, cloth) and sold over 26,000 copies in the US alone. It was translated into French, German and Italian, and was also made into a movie, THE PERILS OF GWENDOLINE (1984, directed by Just Jaeckin). This revised edition was published on December 9, 1999, the birthday of `John Willie`, as well as the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of the first edition. It contains 368 pages, which includes a wealth of previously unpublished and uncollected work by the artist. Also included in this expanded edition are 36 black and white reproductions of drawings and paintings (circa 1935-50), most from original artwork and all but 2 have never been published before. Along with the black and white illustrations are an equal number of full-color pages many of which are previously unpublished. The biographical introduction has been expanded to include much new information about J.W. - including 4 previously unpublished photographs of the artist! --amazon.com

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