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Sweet Movie (1974)

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Sweet Movie (1974) - Dusan Makavejev [Amazon.com]


  1. Sweet Movie (1974) - Dusan Makavejev [Amazon.com]
    How are you supposed to react after seeing a film like this? The film was positively FILLED with symbolism at every turn... it would take multiple, careful viewings of this film to analyse its imagery and to interpret what Makavejev is telling the viewer. Luckily I was aided along in my own interpretation by the director himself when he attended a discussion at the Reykjavik Film Festival. The film is disturbing, tragic, strange, gripping, and somehow so disgusting that you almost want to vomit, but you are so stunned at what you are seeing that you cannot bear to look away from the screen.

    When this film was shown, the director told us about how Norwegian censors had mostly cut parts from the film that were particularly violent and grotesque and left the sexual parts alone. Until now the film itself was rare and difficult to get a hold of, which is why it is surprising to me to find this film available on ......., but I suppose interest has been revived in recent years. I am shocked by the nature of this film, made in the year I was born. It was prescient in that it discussed issues that affect society today... but also pays homage to history because it discusses issues that were prevalent in the past. --Comrade Radmila via amazon.com

    my first impressions of Mühl came mostly from Amos Vogel’s seminal picture-book cum leftist primer Film As A Subversive Art (1974), and from Mühl’s autobiographical appearance in Dusan Makavejev’s Sweet Movie (1975)-- -- Andrew Grossman http://www.brightlightsfilm.com/38/muhl1.htm [May 2004]

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