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Andreas Saag - Swell Session

Hi, my name is Andreas and Im responsible for the "monstrous" track played by master Dewbury. Im truly honnored that you guys like it! The swell session 12inch will be out in January 2001 on Swedish label Hollow distrubuted by Goya. Enjoy!

Andreas Saag

Adam Cohen wrote:

I saw Russ Dewbury spin at a party a few weeks back, and he played for about 3 and a half hours to an over capacity
crowd. He threw down this one monstrous track, and he said it was by a group called "Swell Session" and he had received it on CDR and cut his own acetate of it (what a treat to hear this, since those things can only be played a limited amount of times). Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this group, or has heard this track.. It's definitely going to be something to look out for, if it's ever released..

from http://www.cmd.uu.se/AcidJazz/Backup/2000-Dec/0073.html


Presented by Andreas Saag aka Swell Session.

Sweden and Gothenburg seems awfully quiet and cold. I  just got home
from a by all means hot and steamy London and I had an even more
great time than I could imagine I would have before I went! Mainly because
of the nicest host you could ever have: Cukipapa Alan D Brown, the one
and only! I love your boots Alan!  
Big love to the Hospital boys for having me over to DJ at the 333, at the
Out Patients 2 launch party and to Nik Weston for having me playing at Bite
Your Granny with him and Alan at point 101. Big shouts also to Ade at
Plastic People for having the most wonderful club in the city and spinning
the most amazing records there. And thanks to Mark from At Jazz for a
deep and solid DJ set at the Rocket Science anniversary. And to Alex, Paul,
and Toby  for throwing such a party... And Paul from Mantis and his wife
Julie(?) too... You're all very sweet guys!
Thanks and respect to Patrick Forge as well, letting me into the studio while
recording his show at Kiss FM.
The city is just full of lovely people and I would like to thank you all for your
hospitality (who said the people in London are cold anyway? :-)  

Don't miss the second Swell Session 12" "Gone" on Hollow. It should be out
some time in September and there is a fantastic remix by Jimpster included
as well!
It's also settled that another project of mine, "Saag", is going to be released
on Freerange Records... I'm very excited (and proud of course). The style is
going to be slightly more electronic and deep, less vocal than Swell Session.
I'm also soon releasing some world/latin-flavoured techno on Swedish label
SLS (former Cycle). Watch out!

ARTIST            TITLE              LABEL

1. Jimpster - Deep Down - (Kudos)
Lovely! Have been listening to this  c o n s t a n t l y  for one month.
Very deep and very soulful. Make sure you'll have it too.
Big shouts to the Jimpster!

2. At Jazz - Lab funk - (Mantis)   
A great album, showing all of the diverse skills of the duo from middle

3. 4 Hero - Les Fleur - (Talkin Loud)
Nobody could take better care of Minnie Ripertons classic than 4 Hero.
Keeping the retro feel, focusing on the fantastic melody...

4. Metro Area - #3 (Environ)
Three very good tracks indeed, "Caught up" taking the concept to the max:
Tight 4/4 beats, 80's electro bass and a lot of atmospheric soul/jazz elements
on top of it. When that bass synth hits you the first time in a club... Ouch!  

5. Domu - Body Electric - (Archive)
An appetizer to keep you satisfied waiting for an amazing album...

6. Jol - N/A - CD-R
My favourite downtempo album by far... My Gothenburg friend Jol invites to
a journey with 11 chapters, carefully narrated, still every single track a possible
first 12". What label this is going to come out on is yet to be discovered...
be sure not to miss it when it happens!

7. Bugge Wesseltoft - Moving - (Jazzland)
The Norwegian innovator's conception of jazz is still moody, acoustic and sparse.
And it's still amazingly beautiful.  

8. Nick Holder - Summer Daze (NRK)
Should be: Pat Metheney remixed by Nick Holder :-) NRK seems to have managed to
clear the sample though and for those who missed this beautiful jazzy house tune back
in 99, this re-issue is your chance...

9. Jackson 5 - Remixes 2 (Motown/Japan)
What 70's group would be better to choose for a remix album than the Jackson 5?
Great vocals, no untouchable holy tracks, still with the original tracks containing
quite few harmony shiftings - allowing sparse club music arrangements to work
without cutting away too much of the original songs. 4 Hero once again show
their respect to the original, keeping a lot of the vocals, just adding very simple
but still so effective beats and harmonies. 'Can I see you in the morning' remixed by
Electric Sheep is very beautiful indeed, a futuristic ballad using the contrast between
"now" and "then" to keep you interested. And interested is what you get in a project like this.  

10. Various - Out Patients 2 - (Hospital)
I know I should not, but please forgive me for charting this though I'm on the
compilation myself...  It's just that I'm proud to be! Leaving my own track
out of the review: the other 10 tracks is an amazing collection of futuristic jazz
and soul sounds. Thank you Hospital!

If you would like to contact me or unsubscribe from this chart, please write to saag@swipnet.se

Feel free to mail stuff to:
Andreas Saag
Valenv 1.
S-430 91 Hn  


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