The Monotone Symphony

March 9, 1960

On a clear night in March, at ten pm sharp, a crowd of one hundred people all dressed in formal black tie attire, came to the Galerie International d' Art Contemporain in Paris. The event was the first conceptual art piece to be shown at the gallery by their new artist, Mr. Yves Klein. The gallery was one of the finest in Paris.

Mr. Klein in a black dinner jacket proceeded to conduct a ten piece orchestra seated on one side of the gallery. The orchestra was to play Mr. Kleins' personal composition of The Monotone Symphony first written by him in 1949. This symphony consisted of one note.

As the music played three female models entered the room. They were all very beautiful and totally naked. The models were conducted as if instruments by Mr. Klein. Everything had been planed and composed to go perfectly.

The music played for twenty minutes as the models painted each other from the buckets of IKB Blue paint - gently pressing each other against the paper that had been placed on one wall of the gallery. Mr. Klein wearing white gloves, never touched the paint - or the models.

When the symphony stopped, it was followed by a strict twenty minutes of silence - a time in which everyone in the room willingly froze themselves in their own private meditational space.

At the end of the performance everyone in the audience was fully aware they had been in the presence of a genius at work. Mr. Klein had triumphed!

The performance had unquestionable poetic beauty, and Mr. Kleins' last words that night were the myth is in art. --

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