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A tastemaker is one that determines or strongly influences current trends or styles, as in fashion or the arts. For a tastemaker to be international, he must be able to reach the world --adapted from The American HeritageŽ Dictionary


One that initiates or popularizes a trend --The American HeritageŽ Dictionary

Critics [...]

Cultural critics and commentators contribute powerfully to the vitality of market art. Critics put artistic consumers in touch with artistic producers, and help us separate the wheat from the chaff. They support the process of taste refinement. Listeners who take a sudden interest in classical music do not have to sort through the entire eighteenth century repertoire, but can listen to Mozart and Haydn. Clement Rosenberg and Harold Greenberg helped the American Abstract Expressionist painters find a public audience and win their way into museums. Pauline Kael directs our attention to the best of recent film. I hope my own commentary - in the form of this book - boosts the interest in contemporary art and music. These forms of professional cultural criticism, all relatively new professions, owe their thanks to capitalist wealth. The modern world can support many thousands of intellectuals who specialize in arguing the merits of artistic products. -- Tyler Cowen [...]

DJs as tastemakers

Academics are intrigued by the fact that the DJ makes a living by filtering information; he makes sense of the confusing mass of musical information that bombards us (there are well over 200 dance singles released each week). There's no way that we could find all the great music within our favorite genre, so we rely on DJs to do it for us. They are like personal shoppers who sift through the hundreds of crap records and find the ones we like. These days, fewer and fewer people buy singles; instead, we decide on our favorite DJs and let them buy them for us. Why spend your life obsessively searching for obscure records (in which case you're probably a DJ anyway) when you can buy a DJ-mixed compilation CD made by someone who does that for a living? You could say that these days we don't buy particular records, we buy particular DJs. -- from Last Night a DJ Saved My Life [...]


ILX is the acronym for I Love X. where is X currently are 7 categories, the two most popular being "I Love Everyhting" and "I Love Music"; ILE being the highest quality of discussion. Various A-List music bloggers frequent the place, as well as journalists worldwide. The board is open to everyone and the traffic tends to get high now and again, but overall still very good discussion for solo-nights at home. http://www.ilxor.com is their address. While I have not yet figured out the relationshiop between http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~tewing/singlesb.html and http://www.freakytrigger.co.uk/, it is clear that ILX (as the various boards are generally referred to) shares an audience with the Freaky Trigger and NYLPM (New York London Paris Munich). On closer inspection, NYLMP appears to be the daily-updated section of Freaky Trigger. And if you'd like to contribute, write to Tom Ewing.

Gilles Peterson [...]

Gilles Peterson is an international tastemaker because he is of international renown and because his radio shows can be heard worldwide (hence the name Gilles' Peterson's Worldwide, his cds are available wordwilde thru' various distribution deals as well as available at amazon.

Amazon tastemaker

Jazzhole PR
If you've received an email from us to become our 'Amazon Friend', it is because we have dubbed you an 'Amazon tastemaker'... based on the either the great reviews you have written or the cool lists...

Taschen [...]

The art book publisher Taschen has been a prominent force in getting fetishistic imagery accepted into the mainstream, by publishing the works of fetish artists and fetish photographers alongside its mainstream output of books of photographs of art, design and architecture.

Radio Nova [...]

Radio Nova is an FM radio station which broadcasts in Paris, France and other French cities with a large student population. During the day they have advertising, in the evening not. They re-broadcast Gilles Peterson's BBC Worldwide show and also broadcast to the world via the web. They play lots of black music but are very Eclectic in their tastes. They also publish cds, of which I can recommend the ones listed here.

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