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Teorema/Theorem (1968) - Pier Paolo Pasolini

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The theme of Pirandello's theatrical play Six Characters in Search of an Author has been weaved into film a number of times: the Lickerish Quartet by Metzger, Pasolini's Teorema and Francois Ozon's Sitcom. [Jan 2007]

Teorema/Theorem (1968) - Pier Paolo Pasolini [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


  • Teorema/Theorem (1968) - Pier Paolo Pasolini [Amazon.com]
    Pasolini's "Teorema" is one of the best films I have seen. 1960s icon Terence Stamp plays either God or the Devil; we never know which. He drops into the lives of a very bourgeois family and proceeds to seduce each family member: maid, son, mother, father, and daughter. His divine or diabolical interaction with them causes each to re-evaluate his/her belief system. Just as suddenly as he appears, he leaves. The family members are bereft and embark on their very separate journeys to self-discovery or self-destruction.

    Stamp is wonderfully enigmatic while Silvana Mangano has ennui and lack of sexual fulfillment down pat. Watching their scenes together are mesmerizing as is a portentous tableau where the guest quotes Rimbaud as the daughter and convalescing father look on in confusion and fear. Ennio Morricone's music amplifies already charged scenes.

    An excellent film with incredible atmosphere (the sepia-tinted scenes at the beginning are strangely haunting), little dialogue, and very religious overtones (despite the controversy with the Catholic Church upon its initial release). --jude8, amazon.com

    Theorem is an italian language movie directed in 1968 by Pier Paolo Pasolini with Laura Betti, Silvana Mangano, Massimo Girotti and french actress Anne Wiazemsky. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

    A strange visitor in a wealthy family. He seduces the maid, the son, the mother, the daughter and finally the father before leaving a few days after. After he's gone, none of them can continue living as they did. Who was that visitor? Could he be God? --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theorem_%28movie%29 [Jan 2006]

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