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Terrence Parker

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Detroit has been credited as one of the Soul Music capitals of the world, spawning legendary artists like The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross just to name a few. Within the past decade Detroit's Underground Music Movement has brought rise to new artists such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and a host of others. But unlike the aforesaid names, Terrence Parker has established himself as a producer, remixer and DJ of the classic sound of House Music instead to Techno.

Terrence Parker began his musical career as a Hip Hop DJ known as "DJ Mixmaster X" in 1982. Over the years, Terrence's unique mixing talents won him many awards and trophies both in the club circles as well as host of his own radio show. He was offered many promising opportunities in radio, but TP (as he is commonly known) wanted to do more! In 1988 along with Marc Kinchen and Lou Robinson, Terrence recorded his first release "We Need Somebody" under the name Separate Minds. During this period, people often referred to Mr. Parker as "TP" because of the credit listing on the recording. Thus, he no longer decided to use the "DJ Mixmaster X" alias!

In 1990 Terrence recorded his first solo EP entitled "TP1" ( now a classic) which sparked his solo career. Two years later, "Hold On" firmly established Terrence as one of the dance community's hottest producers. Later, Terrence recorded under various aliases such as Disciples of Jovan Blade, Plastic Soul Junkies, Lost Articles, Madd Phlavor, Disco Revisited and Minimum Wage Brothers just to name a few. But in 1993 his Seven Grand Housing Authority alias recorded and released a track entitled "The Question" which drew massive response from dancefloors throughout the world! Later, Terrence signed a recording deal with Network's Six by 6 / Sony Music label in the U.K.

In 1995, Terrence reestablished, and now records exclusively for his Intangible Records & Soundworks label (first established in 1993 ), while Makin' Madd and Makin' Phat Records are new additions to his record making unit; each focusing on a specific and unique form of music! "I'm hoping", TP says, "that my associated labels can provide for myself as well as other artists, an outlet to release good music without the politics that unfortunately dominate this business of music!"

There were many releases in `95 that did well in the clubs and dance charts worldwide like Disco Revisited's "Crab Legs EP", Terrence Parker's "Emancipation Of My Soul", and Kenny Dixon Jr's "Emotional Content". But it was "Love's Got Me High" by the highly acclaimed Seven Grand Housing Authority that put Intangible respectfully on the map. At the time of writing this article, "Love's Got Me High" appears on many CD compilations.

Fresh Fruit Recordings in Holland has also released 12inch singles which include remixes, and has received high chart positions in many dance charts worldwide - including Holland's national `pop chart!! Major League DJs like Tony Humphries of New York's Hot 97 FM, England's Paul `Trouble Anderson of KISS FM, Germany's TREIBHAUS show of WDR radio, KEYS TO THE HOUSE with DJ Mark `The Lark Dickerson of K. U. O. P. radio in California, and Detroit's own Kim James of WJLB FM 98, helped to make this track a success, and are regular supporters of Intangible releases.

Terrence has also released two very successful album projects with Germany's Studio K7 Records. "Tragedies Of A Plastic Soul Junkie", which was both TP's first full length LP release on K7 and for himself personally, featured the hit single "Emancipation Of My Soul" (a huge dance hit in the U.K. resulting from it's original release on Intangible). His second album released in 1997 entitled "Detroit After Dark" was one of his best accomplishments, and featured the singles "You Can Do It" (a dance hit in France), and "Play-Ah Hate-Ah", which became so popular that it caught the attention from one of Europe's most famous music composer's of television and film from the 1960s - Peter Thomas, who later did a remix of Terrence's track. This remix now appears on several compilations including K7's Freestyle Files series (Vol. # 4). Intangible also cooperated with K7 Records in releasing two very successful Hip Hop compilations entitled "Three Minute Blunts" (Volumes 1 & 2). This concept, which was conceived and developed by Terrence Parker featured the music from several unknown Hip Hop producers from Detroit and from TP himself. Each song was approximately 3 minutes in length, and had a huge influence on many Hip Hop & Trip Hop artists throughout Europe.

Terrence Parker is equally known for his DJing talents! To see Terrence DJ live is an incredible experience. Although often compared to fellow Detroit native, comrade, and international Techno king Jeff Mills, and Chicago DJ veteran Bad Boy Bill, TP's magical DJing skills, tricks, cutting and scratching often lead people to compare him with some of the worlds best Hip Hop DJs. This international DJ extraordinare has been DJing now for 18 years (while making records for 12 years), and has performed as a DJ for clubs and radio stations in numerous countries throughout the world and continues to do so on a regular basis. In fact, since October of 1995, Terrence has played more in Germany than any other place in the world, including Detroit! France, England, Scotland, Switzerland, and The Netherlands are just a few of the countries where TP has performed as a DJ in addition to playing here in the U.S. and Canada.

One reason for TP's popularity as a DJ comes from the many mix CDs he has released over the years. From the British and Japanese release of "These Grooves Are Serious" CD on Serious Grooves/Sony Music, to the legendary "Building Blocks" CD on Intellinet, to his independently releases of "Classic TP Mix" CDs (volumes 1 thru 5), Terrence has developed a loyal following which is evident by the huge audiences he attracts world wide.

Now viewed as one of the most exciting labels in Detroit, TP's Intangible Records now plans to focus more on formats that appeal to a wide audience. The label's goal is to release 12 singles on a more consistent basis, as well as releasing its own CD compilations and full length LP's & CD's for its artists. "We realize that the majority of our sales result from the DJs supporting & buying our records," says Terrence, "but now we would like to make our releases available on CD and other formats so that our non-djing supporters can enjoy our music without having to know a DJ who can put the various songs on tape for them, or find our music on other CD compilations from other companies!" Intangible also plans to focus on other styles of music, such as Hip Hop, and Acid Jazz. Terrence's third full length release entitled "My Studio Sessions Vol. #1" was an exclusive limited edition CD available now on Intangible Records (released Nov. 1998) and features 14 brand new songs. Four of those songs are now featured on his new 6 track mini LP entitled "Strong Songs" which is to be released on Chisel Records (label home of Chicago legend L.A. Williams) in February 1999!

The first Intangible release in almost two years: "Spreading Love" by the Seven Grand Housing Authority (released in July of `99) was buzzing the clubs of Ibiza (Spain), Mallorca (Spain) along with several clubs throughout Germany in 1999. It was rated House Single of The Month in Germany's top dance music publication - RAVELINE Magazine.

Coming in March of 2000 is the new TP single, "I Wanna F.F.U.", which is currently one of the BUZZ tunes in Detroit. It will be released on limited edition White Opaque Vinyl with the Seven Grand Housing Authority classic "Love's Got Me High" on the flip side.

Intangible Records was started by a DJ, and will continue to appeal to DJs across the globe by releasing DJ club tracks as well as exploring other forms of music. From our hands to your ears, thank you for your support of our artists & music. And if you haven't heard any of the previous releases, give it a taste!!! We hope you enjoy our vibe in 2000, and beyond!! PEACE!

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  • http://www.terrenceparker.com


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    1. Detroit After Dark (1997) - Terrence Parker [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      Terrence Parker's second full-length offering for Germany's Studio K7 label takes the sound defined by 1997's Tragedies of a Plastic Soul Junkie and pushes it into darker, deeper territory. The anthemic piano-driven house that is Parker's signature sound reappears on the disco-tinged "You Can Do It" and "Welcome 2 Southfield," but the bulk of this album is slower and deeper; the opening track, "A Taste of Heaven," is a brooding and melancholy downtempo piece that sets the tone for further variations like the beatless "Romancing Da Drum," "Real Love," and "Once I Was Lost." From start to finish, Detroit After Dark shows that Parker can convey the emotion and energy of life in Detroit without resorting to boring and derivative ideas; his attention to melody and arrangement set him apart from the cadre of faceless producers in his genre. --Matthew Corwine for Amazon.com

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