Terry Hunter


Ubiquity - The State Of Being Or Seeming To Be Everywhere At The Same Time;Omnipresent.

Imagine music which could cast an effect like ubiquity on the ears of its listeners, music which one could feel behind one's self,in front of one's self, beneath one's self and above one's self; music which was everywhere . . . UBQ Mix Productions is the producer of such rhythms. A two man production team based in Chicago, the group adopted its name UBQ from their perception that their music stops just short of being truly ubiquitous.

Terry Hunter has been involved with music for the last twelve years of his life. he started as a mobile disc jockey in the early nineties, working with some of Chicago's top djs and promotion companies, such as Frankie Knuckles, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, and Galaxy Promotions. Much of his work was mobile, but he did have the chance to work in several of Chicago's popular clubs during the height of house music ( La Mirage, Candy Store, and the Powerhouse). Through this exposure, and Terry's desire to produce unique mixes and music, he released his first endeavor on vinyl in 1990. The song was a house track entitled "Madness". "I created a big buzz on the record by playing it myself at various parties," Terry states, ". . . it started out as a basement track, but became much more!", just as many legendary house tracks did.

Terry perceives the music business as a rollercoaster ride, a ride which he feels you have to stay on to achieve any level of success, respect and gratification. He has embarked on this ride with his partner Aaron Smith, and through their collective efforts they have remixed songs by artists such as Shawn Christopher, Mr. Lee, Ten City, Georgie Porgie, Zhane, Joi Cardwell, India, and Crystal Waters among others. They've also made their own productions such as the now classics, "Symphony of Love" and "When I Fell In Love", which are included on their latest release UBQ Album Project "All Their Best" on Vibe music.The alblum incorporates some of their classics as well as new tracks. UBQ has a very distinct sound. Combining underground heavy club grooves whith a strong musical content and just the right amount of ethereal moodines, they have created an unmistakeable sound.

Although their productions and remixes have kept Terry sufficiently busy, he still refuses to stop djing. Terry feels that the dj has always been an integral force in breaking new music and new sounds and that djing gives you an edge - it lets you see an immediate response to something you may have just finished up in the studio and allows you as a true music lover to play things that you like from people you respect and admire. Terry has toured numerous countries such as Japan, Italy, London, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Scottland and has become a world reknowned dj. He also spins at various clubs in Chicago as well as doing guest spots once in a while and is a Billboard reporter.

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