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Tigon British Film Productions

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Tigon British Film Productions was a film production and distribution company founded by Tony Tenser in 1966. It is most famous for its horror films, particularly Witchfinder General (directed by Michael Reeves, 1968) and Blood on Satan's Claw (directed by Piers Haggard, 1970). Other Tigon films include The Creeping Flesh, The Sorcerors and Doomwatch (1972), based on the TV series of the same name.

Tigon was based in Wardour Street, London, and released a wide range of films from semi-pornographic sexploitation films through to an acclaimed 1971 adaptation of August Strindberg's Miss Julie, starring Helen Mirren. The largest part of their output, however, was made up by low-budget horror films in a similar style to those made by Hammer Film Productions or Amicus.

In February 2005, a DVD box set of Tigon films was released by Anchor Bay. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigon_British_Film_Productions [Dec 2005]

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