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Tim Lucas

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Tim Lucas is a film critic, novelist, blogger, and publisher/editor of the video review magazine Video Watchdog. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Lucas [Jan 2007]

Video Watchdog

is a monthly, digest-sized film magazine started in 1990 by publisher/editor Tim Lucas and his wife Donna Lucas.

Although devoted chiefly to the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres, the magazine frequently delves beyond these strictures into art film, Hong Kong action cinema, spaghetti western, exploitation films, anime, and general mainstream cinema. Video Watchdog features thoughtful, intelligent film criticism and extensively researched articles. It is generally considered to be the most serious and important genre film publication of its kind since the heyday of Cinefantastique, a magazine that Lucas has acknowledged as a major influence. In addition to Lucas himself, Video Watchdog's list of regular contributors includes such noted genre authorities as Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Joe Dante, Douglas E. Winter, Stephen R. Bissette, and John Charles. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Watchdog [Jan 2007]


  • The Video Watchdog Book - Tim Lucas [Amazon US]
    This book is a compilation of Tim Lucas columns from before _Video Watchdog_ was a magazine, but was merely a column appearing in other magazines. Although much of the video information is clearly dated, it is interesting to see his writing and reviewing style change over the years. (He has for instance, gotten much more sophisticated about framing over the years.) As it is, because of when most of this material was written, the book is really of interest to those who collect oodles of older European VHS releases of fantastic films, and those who wish to have at their hands everything Lucas has ever written. Ka Chun Yu, amazon.com

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