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Timmy Regisford

On house music

"I don't think that there's such a thing called house - I think house is a name people made up of underground music. When I was growing up, what I listened to and what I go off on was dance music, music that was generated in the clubs by guys who inspired me like Tee Scott, Larry Levan, François Kevorkian, Tony Humphries, Larry Patterson, Rick Richardson and guys like those.

They didn't play house because there there was nothing called house back then, it was Dance music, it had lyrics, it had songs, it wasn't all instrumental, it was basically up tempo Soul music to be exact.

But as we progressed into it, people found different names to call dance music 'cause I guess dance music got borin' to them, and as time elevated, technology started gettin' much more confined and simpler where people could make music in their house or their basements. But that's no different to when we started putting out music; England started and all these other parts of the world started developing their own kind of music and went through phases like they have with this house, deep house, Acid Jazz and an'that. But the bottom line at the end of the day is it was all dance music because we made music so people could dance. So the explanation of how I fell into house music doesn't exist, there is no such thing called house music, it's just a name for dance music"…

"What differentiated house from dance music is that House had no lyrics on it, it was just instrumental tracks, and that's why anybody with this technology can go home put a bass line together, make a track and call it a House records, because there's no creativity going into it. Not many kids that are growing up to this thing are writing lyrics - like, we would listen to The Trammps, their so called dance music was disco back then, but people heard lyrics on top of those tracks which were great." -- source unknown


Blaze an electronica band formed in 1984 in New Jersey, USA. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaze_%28house_music%29


Timmy Regisford was the original DJ of Club Shelter, during the nineties, Club Shelter was a collaboration of Freddy Sanon, Timmy and Kevin Hedge of Blaze.
  • http://www.clubshelter.com

    Now if you did your math, you knew the Tribute to the Paradise Garage party at the Shelter was gonna be ovah! Well, it was. Ask anyone of the 3000 people who were there. DJs Joey Llanos, David Depino and the Shelter's own Kevin Hedges (aka Blaze, hello) rocked the classics like, well, like you knew they would. Is it All Over My Face? Hell yeah! True Garage flavor on a floor that kept the crowd continually churning each other further into the mix. From the Asian heads, to the dreads to those crazy straight UK boys who (unnervingly) know every word to every classic to card-carrying Paradise Garage members (carrying on like it never stopped) it was all there and it was all good. Damn good. And sweaty, child. Of course, it got better at around 5:00 AM when the inimitable Grace Jones materialized on stage in a glowing Miyake white hood, chrome glasses and Miyake black hoop skirt which she swayed fiercely ("to the rhythm") as she opened with "I'm Not Perfect." She performed 12 songs (including "Walking in the Rain," "Pull Up to the Bumper," "Slave to the Rhythm," "My Jamaican Guy," "Nipple to the Bottle," "I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)," "La Vie En Rose," and "Sex Drive") with as many outfit changes. Finally, an hour and a half later Grace sang her way through the audience and exited - sweating, smiling ("I'm feeling you!") and just as Grace as you wanted her to be. Madonna who? Please. This woman is untouchable. Always will be. Who else can perform songs from almost 20 years ago with such gorgeously glittering, tongue-flicking, shriek-inducing raunchiness, but the our one and only Grace. This was a once-in-a-lifetime performance. If you missed it, you did indeed, [...] westendrecords.com

    Shelter Discog:
  • SHL-1001 Gate-Ah The Shelter 1992
  • SHL-1002 KCC Featuring Emile Heaven 1993
  • SHL-1003 A Blaze Project Featuring Hunter Hayes Why Can't We Live Together 1993
  • SHL-1004 Atmosphere Ep Produced & Mixed by Kerri KAOZ 6:23 Chandler 1993
  • SHL-1006 95 North Productions The Journey 1994
  • SHL-1007 T.Solomon Eclectic Ep 1994
  • SHL-1009 Butch Quick Lift Up
  • SHL-1011 DJ Pope Sell My Soul 1995
  • SHL-1012 BLAZE Presents Fly Away 1995
  • SHL-1013 Charles Dockins Higher Love 1995
  • SHL-1014 Mental Instrum Presents Colonel Abrams Who Do You Love ? 1996
  • SHL-1015 B.O.P Presents Kenny Bobien Stand Up 1996
  • SHL-1016 The Mighty Blaze Featuring Alexander Hope What Can U Do 1996
  • SHL-1018 Charles Dockins Only You 1996
  • SHL-1020 Digital Soul Ain't No Place 1997
  • SHL-1024 The Mighty Blaze Presents Alexander Hope Feel The Music 1997
  • SHL-1025 D'Bora Good Times 1998
  • SHL-1026 Janet Rushmore On My Own 1999
  • SHL-1027 Mellow Man Luv Is
  • SHL-1031 Music Of The World Gypsy Woman
  • SHL-1032 Roland Clark I Get Deep
  • SHL 1033 The Original Blaze Presents Home Is Where The Heart Is

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    • Played club the Shelter
    • Timmy Regisford worked a couple of times with Boyd Jarvis" They are responsible for the production of Visual's 'Somehow, Someway' and, 'The Music Got Me', both 1983 recordings on Prelude records
    • In 1986 they cooperated again on RY-011 Tammy Lucas' 'Hey Boy' on Supertronics records

    DJ's Hit Charts: Timmy Regisford's top 10.

    • Roland Clark. " Turn Up Your Love " (tape)

    • Ten City. " All Loved Out " (Spiritual Life)

    • Dramquri. " Still Waiting " (unknown)

    • Nu Colours. " Special Kind of Love " (Polydor)

    • Michael Proctor. " Love Don't Live Here " (AM:PM)

    • Funky People featuring Cassio Ware. " Lift Him Up " (Funky People)

    • Fonda Rae " Living in Ecstasy " (Wave)

    • Cultured Pearls. " Mother Earth " (WEA)

    • Norma Jean Bell. " I'm the Baddest Bitch in the Room " (Pandemonium)

    • Nicole. " Running " (Avenue)

    • http://coolgirlsjapan.com/TUNNEL.html

    Supertronics Records

    1. RY ? SuperTronics Records Tammy Lucas Hey Boy ? ? ? ? 1986 cut hole company cover - black 3
    2. RY 003 SuperTronics Records Thunderstone Let's Give It A Try / Stop That Knocking ? ? ? ? 1983 cut hole company cover - black 3
    3. RY 004 SuperTronics Records Janice Christie My Love Is Money ? ? ? ? 1984 cut hole company cover - black 3
    4. RY 005 SuperTronics Records Keith Pole Fulfill Your Fantasy ? ? ? ? 1984 ? cut hole company cover - black 3
    5. RY 008 SuperTronics Records Chocolate It's That East Street Beat 6:18 Vocal H + 1985 cut hole company cover - black 1
    6. RY 009 SuperTronics Records Janice Christie One Love 6:58 Vocal D + 1985 cut hole company cover - black 1
    7. RY 010 SuperTronics Records King Of Chill And The Alliance Of MCs The Beast Within 4:40 Radio R + 1985 cut hole cover - black 1
    8. RY 012 SuperTronics Records Diamond Touch Love Line 3:26 Radio Edit ED +/- 1985 cut hole company cover - black 4
    9. RY 013 SuperTronics Records Rainy Davis Sweetheart 6:56 12" Mix D + 1986 cut hole company cover - black 1
    10. RY 014 SuperTronics Records Janice Christie I'm Hungry For Your Love 6:30 Vocal D + 1986 ? cut hole company cover - black 1
    11. RY 015 SuperTronics Records Cut Kindness For Weakness 6:05 Vocal D + 1986 ? cut hole company cover - black 1
    12. RY 016 SuperTronics Records Janice Christie Heatstroke 6:09 Vocal DF +/- 1986 cut hole cover - black 1
    13. RY 017 SuperTronics Records Touch Without You ? Vocal H +/- 1987 cut hole company cover - black 4
    14. RY 020 SuperTronics Records Almighty El-Cee We Have Risen 5:05 Vocal HR + 1987 ? cut hole cover - black 1
    15. RY 024 SuperTronics Records Touch Fallen 4:20 Mix 1 H +/- 1986 ? cut hole company cover - black 4

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