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Tinto Brass (1933 - )

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Titles: Nerosubianco (1969) - Salon Kitty (1976) - Caligula (1979) - The Voyeur (1985)

All Ladies Do It/Cosė fan tutte (1992) - Tinto Brass [Amazon.com]


Giovanni Brass (born 1933), better known as Tinto Brass, is one of the most well-known Italian filmmakers. He is especially known for his erotic films, such as Cosi Fan Tutte, Paprika and Monella. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, however, he created many avant-garde films, such as Nerosubianco, L'urlo, and La Vacanza. He is best known for his erotic epics, Salon Kitty, The Key, and Caligula, which was a collaboration with celebrated author Gore Vidal, Franco Rossellini (nephew of the Italian filmmaker, Roberto Rossellini), and Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione. However, many consider Caligula to not be a true Tinto Brass film because post-production was not handled by Brass. In spite of this, it contains many of Brass's trademarks and remains his most widely-viewed work (and the highest-grossing Italian film ever released in the United States).

Brass' films follow an impressionistic style-that is, not showing immense landscapes, but bits and pieces of the scenery and peripheral characters and objects through pans and zooms, thus imitating how the viewer might see the events if they were actually present. This also gives the films an extraordinarily rapid pace. He often uses a television-like multicam method of shooting, with at least three cameras running at once, each focusing on something else.

There are many directorial trademarks throughout his films. From 1976's Salon Kitty on, mirrors play a big part in the set design. Sometimes he even goes as far as to begin a scene with a mirror shot, then pan over to the action being reflected, giving a disorienting feeling. Many of his films also contain instances of animal abuse: L'Urlo contains scenes of a man killing a mouse, and a goose being decapitated on camera; Salon Kitty contains a graphic scene of pigs being gutted in a slaughterhouse. In addition, he almost always works in a cameo for his friend Osiride Pevarello, and, in more recent years, for himself. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinto_Brass [Dec 2004]

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Titles: Nerosubianco (1969) - Salon Kitty (1976) - Caligula (1979)

  • All Ladies Do It/Cosė fan tutte (1992) - Tinto Brass [Amazon.com]
    Tinto Brass [Saloon Kitty (1976) / Caligula (1979)] is unquestionably the finest director of erotica in the world. ...In his native Italy, 'II Maestro' as he is known, is revered by thousands of beautiful young women who long to appear in one of his movies... More than simplifying on screen sex with porn, Brass has made eroticism a language all its own. ...He celebrates femine beauty, and fetishises buttocks with the same degree of enthusiasm with which Russ Meyer fetishises breasts... He films wonderful stories of intensely erotic scenarios without ever resorting to hard-core. His movies are decadent; perverse, and delightfully vulgar. All Ladies Do It is the story of a good wife gone bad. After a rough night at a X-tasy filled erotic rave, Diana (Claudia Koll), 24 and married for four years sits down to write to a magazine to tell them tales about her sexual adventures. She is first awakened to her inner desires, after a man at a poetry reading makes advances towards her. Later... She inherits a penthouse apartment from a recently deceased aunt, and Diana decides to take the buttock obsessed stranger up on his offer. Her husband Paolo finds out; is disgusted, demanding a separation. Torturing him with liberating casual flings, Diana pleads with her husband to understand that her sexual lifestyle is nothing he should be concerned about, hoping her sexual excesses will fuel their relationship with fresh impulses --Tony Crosgrey, amazon.com

  • Miranda (1985) - Tinto Brass [Amazon US]
    This is another DVD from the director of CALIGULA, I enjoyed, if you like voluptuous women, like Serena Grandi. An erotic comedy, with some beautiful women in it. Very well photographed, and very good looking DVD, with lot's of extras, as an Interview with Tinto Brass. They don't make them like this anymore. --A viewer, amazon.com

    The Key (1983) - Tinto Brass

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    The Key (1983) - Tinto Brass [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

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