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Related: mouth - tongue-in-cheek

metaphorical meanings: language - taste

The Rolling Stones' "Tongue and Lip Design" logo


[Middle English, from Old French langage, from langue, tongue, language, from Latin lingua. See dgh- in Indo-European Roots.]


The Eighteenth Century, as Raymond Williams observes, is the time when "taste" became "Taste." The powers of sensation, residing in the tongue and palate, were metaphorically transmuted into the powers of cultural discrimination and judgment. Yet, the aphoristic conviction of Williams' observations elides the fascinating and complex construction of Taste in the long eighteenth century. This was an age which produced much anxiety about Taste, anxiety which resonates in similar tones to this day. -- Discerning Taste, 1660-1800: England, France, and America by Kay Parkhurst Easson and Barbara Ching in http://asecs.press.jhu.edu/easching.html [Jun 2004]


Meant or expressed ironically or facetiously.

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