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Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion: trendy clothes. See Synonyms at fashionable.--American Heritage Dict.

Trendy UK

"The U.K. likes discovering trends," Rushton says. "Because of the way that the media works, dance culture happens very quickly. It's not hard to hype something up." House slotted right into the mainstream English pop taste for fast, four-on-the-floor black dance music that began with Tamla in the early '60s (for many English people the first black music they heard). In the '70s, obscure mid-'60s Detroit area records had been turned into a way of life, a religion even, in the style called "Northern Soul" by dance writer Dave Godin. Other trends discoverd by British music journalists are rare groove, jazz-funk, acid-jazz, speed garage, northern soul, acid house, balearic, electro funk and techno.

Subcultural capital

It is relatively easy to assign cultural value to rock and other counter-cultural musics-hip-hop, techno, reggae, grunge, dance-hall, and so on-because their value derives directly from the degree of their opposition to high culture. A resistant cultural practice has a certain cachet, what Sarah Thornton has termed "subcultural capital." Subcultural capital is insider knowledge, a kind of proof of membership in a counter-culture. For example, when I talk about counter-culture music practices in my classes, I display my subcultural capital and get that cachet transferred onto me. That is, my students think I'm "cool." And this subcultural capital operates over time as well. At the age of thirty-eight, I not only derive my subcultural capital from knowing about techno and hardcore, but also from owning all of Pink Floyd and much of the Velvet Underground in first edition, on vinyl. I can also speak with some authority about, for instance, how South Asians in the UK took hip-hop and mixed it up with classical Indian and Hindi-pop vocal practices to make bhangra. I can introduce students to Lillian Allen's uses of reggae musical materials in her politically fierce dub poetry. By displaying all this subcultural capital, I accrue cool points. --Anahid Kassabian, http://www.drake.edu/swiss/popularandbusiness.html

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