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Lustful Turk (1828) - Anonymous

1828 - early erotica - erotic fiction - British erotica - harem

"There alone she existed, all lost in those delicious transports, those ecstasies of the senses . ...In short she was a machine (like any other piece of machinery) obeying the impulses of the key that so potently set her in motion." -- Lustful Turk (1828) -- quoted in Modernism, Mass Culture, and the Aesthetics of Obscenity (2000) - Allison Pease

Compare these lines to the following excerpt of Fanny Hill (1750) of which the first line There alone she existed, all lost in those delicious transports, those ecstasies of the senses is nearly identical except for delicious which becomes delirious. Both excerpts use the machine as metaphor.

"[t]here alone she existed, all lost in those delirious transports, those extasies of the senses, which her winking eyes, the brighten'd vermilion of her lips and cheeks, and sighs of pleasure deeply fetched, so pathetically express'd. In short, she was now as mere a machine as much wrought on, and had her motions as little at her own command as the natural himself, who thus broke in upon her, made her feel with a vengeance his tempestuous tenderness, and the force of the mettle he battered with; their active loins quivered again with the violence of their conflict, till the surge of pleasure, foaming and raging to a height, drew down the pearly shower that was to allay this hurricane." --Fanny Hill

Lustful Turk: Or Scenes in the Harem of an Eastern Potentate (1800s) - Anonymous [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


The Lustful Turk is a British erotic epistolary novel first published anonymously in 1828.

It consists largely of a series of letters written by its heroine, Emily Barlow, to her friend, Sylvia Carey. When the Emily Barlow sails from England for India in June 1814 their ship is attacked by Turks and afterwards they are taken to the harem of a Turkish dey.

For a detailed analysis of the novel see Steven Marcus's The Other Victorians, pp. 195-217. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lustful_Turk [Apr 2006]

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