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The Universal Robot Band

Barely Breaking Even

The Universal Robot Band ?

The Universal Robot Band had originally been put together by Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael in 1976, their debut single being "Dance And Shake Your Tambourine". They reformed the band in 1982 for 'Barely Breaking Even' on Caliber records, an eleven minute workout featuring Leroy Burgess' vocals. URB are Greg Carmichael, Patrick Adams, Leroy Burgess and Woody Cunningham

Barely Breaking Even

The Greg Carmichael-Patrick Adams-Leroy Burgess connection produced many magical recordings, including those by Carmichael's infrequently recorded Universal Robot Band. "Barely Breakin' Even" is a legendary boogie track and the inspiration behind the name of the great British reissue label.

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  • http://www.allthingsdeep.com/dge/urb.htm


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