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Underground music

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Radio Nova presents: Underground Moderne (2001) - Various [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

An excellent collection of essential tracks that were far from the mainstream in their time from 1965 through to the 1980's. Includes such diverse artists as Mutabaruka, Frank Zappa, Funkadelic, Can, Agitation Free, Tim Buckley, Augustus Pablo and many more. The best compilation to come out in 2000s.


Generally speaking underground music is music which has developed a cult following, independent of their commericial success.

For example, The Velvet Underground remains one of the most influential bands of their time, with an influence that has outlasted their short existence and meagre record sales.

Since then, the term underground music has been applied to several artistic movements, notably to the early psychedelic movement of the mid 1960s.

The term is also currently used to describe contemporary music of non mainstream musical exponents with actual specific genre or style being unimportant in determining the underground status. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underground_music [Aug 2005]

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What was underground music like in 1970?

Basically R and B, what they called R and B. Anything that was danceable, it's hard to categorize individually. The crossover music was there. Also there was the influence of stuff like the Stones, Zeppelin, Brian Auger, groups like that, there was a good amount of crossover music, it certainly wasn't looked at as disco. [Then] disco happened. I think part of what happened was the twelve inch came in. Deejays would take a record like Scorpio which has a nice little drum thing in the middle, and take two forty fives and they would keep going back and forth and they would expand the time on the thing. And that became the twelve inch. -- David Mancuso on underground music in 1970 via Richard Nixon, Underground News - issue #19 via here. [Oct 2004]

Underground Moderne (2001) - Radio Nova


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