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Uno Melodic 1980 - 198x

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In 1980 Roy Ayers formed his own labels Uno Melodic and Gold Mink records. The first release was the Eighties Ladies, and under his own name "Lots Of Love" in 1983, a colaboration with Fela Kuti. Many of the artists featured within his camp later became top artists in their own right, including Bobbi Humphrey and Justo Almario. Roy was also synonymous in producing some now much sought after rare groove classics from The Eighties Ladies, Ethel Beatty, and Sylvia Striplin.

  • Uno Melodic recordings
  • all except UM-8002, UM-LP2 Uno Melodic Records ? ? ? 1982 ?
  • UM0001 Uno Melodic Records Eighties 'Ladies Of The 80's' (1980)
  • UM ? Uno Melodic Records Sylvia Striplin 'Give Me Your Love' ? 1981
  • UM-8002 Uno Melodic Records Roy Ayers 'Lots Of Love' ? 1983
  • UM-LP2 Uno Melodic Records Roy Ayers Drivin' Up ? 1983
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    EIGHTIES LADIES: Ladies of the 80ís (Uno Melodic UM0001 Ė 1980)
    Ladies of the 80ís/Tell Him/He Is Mine Forever/Ladies of the 80ís (Inst)
    I Knew That Love/Itís Easy To Move/Sing Me/Turned On To You
    Not only did Roy Ayers produce some killer solo albums in the late 70ís-early 80ís, but he ran his own Uno Melodic label that saw him on production duties for various singers/musicians. The label was a small budget affair and many of the releases are extremely rare (Ethel Beatieís 12" single and Sylvia Striplin's LP being the most desirable). Luckily this album had club success with Turned On To You and was reasonably available at its time of release (youíre now looking at £100!). The Eighties Ladies were pretty much session singers for Roy Ayers and their collective harmonies give the album a rich sound. Boogie is the order of the day rather than disco and thereís barely a dull track on the whole album. This was a perfect way to start the decade of boogie!

    Ladies Of The Eighties -- Ladies Of The Eighties CD
    Uno Melodic/Charly (UK), 1980/1998
    Along with the group Ramp and Sylvia Striplin, this Roy Ayers side project has always been one of the more sought-after records by groovers who love Roy's sweet jazzy style of production. He's getting some help from Edwin Birdsong here, who gives the record that cool off-beat twist that he usually has. The group (which includes Sylvia Striplin) sings ensemble vocals in the same style as on the Ramp record, and the tracks are a mix of clubby grooves and mellower Roy Ayers fusion tracks. Cuts include "Ladies Of the Eighties" (vocal and instrumental), "Tell Him", "Turned On To You", "He Is Mine Forever", and "Sing Me". Nice stuff, and one we thought we'd never see on CD!

    Various -- Uno Melodic Story CD
    Charly (UK), Early 80's/1998
    An insanely wonderful treat! Although Roy Ayers was the genius behind the Uno Melodic label, and his name should have been enough to get the records out there, most of these tracks have always been very very tough to find. Not only that, they've become some of the hottest sample and club cuts over the past few years, which has dried up the supply even more! Now, though, you can get 14 great cuts from the label on this cool CD comp that brings together a stunning batch of rare singles like "Remember To Remember" by Rick Holmes, "You Can't Turn Me Away" by Sylvia Striplin, "It's Your Love" by Ethel Beatty, "Just Keep My Boogie" by Jaymz Bedford, "Baby, Don't You Know" by Bobbi Humphrey, and more by Roy Ayers, 80's Ladies, and Justo Almiario -- plus extra cuts by the others above. An essential set of tracks that we haven't seen in ages!

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