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Not Rated

Not Submitted For MPAA Review

The majority of feature films and home videos are submitted voluntarily by the issuing studio or distributor. However, an occasional film is not entered for review -- for whatever reason. A "Not Rated" label is not an indication of content. A children's movie and an adult-themed film can both be "Not Rated" if they were not submitted for review.

"Not Rated" is not the same as "Unrated." An unrated label often refers to content inappropriate for minors. Many films are submitted in one form for theaters, where it earned a certain MPAA rating. The same film may be simultaneously made available on home video with additional footage. This version is often considered the "Unrated" version.

By the same token, a film can exist in two different MPAA ratings signifying two different cuts of the film. --edited from document found in multiple sources [Dec 2004]


Video has allowed studios to skirt the rating system and release unrated versions of films on videocassette and DVD. Sometimes these versions would have earned an NC-17 if submitted for rating, but often their unrated status is merely for marketing purposes, with the implication that the added unrated material is racier than an R rating would permit. For example, one DVD release of American Pie, rated R in its theatrical release, exclaims on the box, "UNRATED! The Version You Couldn't See In Theaters". Sometimes the difference between an R-rated feature and its unrated home video counterpart is as little as a few seconds. A number of filmmakers have also taken to filming additional footage specifically for video or DVD release, with no intention of submitting this material to the MPAA.

Some foreign and independent films do not bother to submit to the rating system, reasoning that they will not be distributed widely beyond their art-house audience, so the expense is unnecessary. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPAA_film_rating_system [Dec 2004]

Film ratings [...]

In the United States, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) issues ratings for movies. The system was instituted in 1968 and is voluntary; however, most movie theater chains will not show unrated films. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_rating_systems [Oct 2004]

Unrated jahsonic.com word count Oct 2004

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film a real eye-opener, but it's never prurient or juvenile. ... 
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... The Piano Teacher (Unrated Edition) (2001) - Michael Haneke [Amazon US] Director
Michael Haneke's adaptation of the novel by Elfriede Jelinek follows the ... 
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... movies. The system was instituted in 1968 and is voluntary; however, most
movie theater chains will not show unrated films. The ... 
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... For instance, the film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was originally rated X
by the MPAA and has since been released on video in an unrated version. ... 
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... Russell's film is bawdy and even daring, and the unrated version on DVD features
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... a popular cast member of The Cosby Show) were considered too sexually explicit to
be rated R. The edited material was restored for the unrated video release ... 
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... Movies. Caligula (Unrated Version) (1979) - Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione [Amazon US]
Caligula may very well be the most controversial film in history. ... 
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... 37 Police & Thieves 37 Between Montmartre and the Mudd Club 36 Domus 36 The Story
of O 36 Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too) - Unrated Edition 36 Eyes ... 
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... Caligula (Unrated Version) (1979) - Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione [Amazon US] Caligula
may very well be the most controversial film in history. ... 
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... To much like a bondage porno whipping to be any good. If you must see
this, though, make sure you get the unrated version. This ... 
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... The plot of this unrated sado-drama reiterates 99 WOMEN with even greater explicitness,
as Lina Romay and two other female prisoners escape the sadistic and ... 
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Caligula (AD 12 - AD 41)
... Caligula was unrated when shown in theaters in certain jurisdictions because it
contained several scenes with sexually and violently explicit content ... 
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