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Venus in Furs (1969) - Jess Franco

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Venus in Furs / Paroxismus / Venus im Pelz (1969) - Jess Franco
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"TRIPPY AS HELL! Itís Like A Marvel Team-Up Between Fassbinder And Russ Meyer Set Loose In Hammer Studios!" --The San Francisco Examiner


The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film
"WOW! An Incredible Fusion Of Sex And Sadism!"


Of the all the twisted hits from cult director Jess Franco (SADOMANIA, 99 WOMEN), this is the one that fans and critics alike call his masterpiece! James Darren (THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, DEEP SPACE NINE) stars as a traumatized trumpeter sucked into a whirlpool of psycho-sexual horror along with his sultry girlfriend (singer Barbara McNair), a kinky lesbian (Margaret Lee of THE BLOODY JUDGE), a depraved playboy (the legendary Klaus Kinski) and the mysterious, insatiable beauty (luscious Maria Rohm of JUSTINE) who may lead them all straight to Hell.

Dennis Price (VAMPYROS LESBOS) co-stars in this infamous erotic shocker that also features an outstanding jazz score by British rockers Manfred Mann. VENUS IN FURS has been remastered from original vault elements and is now presented totally uncut, uncensored and loaded with exclusive Extras, including all-new interviews with Jess Franco and the elusive Maria Rohm. --via Amazon.com

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