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Viy (1835) - Nikolai Gogol

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Viy, is a story by Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, first published in first volume of his collection of tales entitled Mirgorod (1835).

It was the basis of Mario Bava's film La maschera del demonio and the Russian film Viy (1967) by Georgi Kropachyov and Konstantin Yershov. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viy_%28story%29 [Jul 2006]

Vij links

  1. Marx, Christa. “Auch eine Teufelsgeschichte: Nikolaij Vasil’evic Gogol’: ‘Die Johannisnacht’ Sonderausstellung 1983,” in Faust Rezeption in Russland und in der Sowjetunion, editor: Mahal, Gunther. Knittlingn: Faust Museum, 1983.
    article / nonfiction / Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich / Vecher nakanune Ivana Kupala / literary criticism

  2. La maschera del demonio (Black Sunday). Director: Bava, Mario. 83 min. Galatea, Italy, 1961.
    Screenplay by Ennio de Concini and M. Serandrei after “Der Wij” by Nicolas Gogal. Cinematography by Mario Bava. Music by Roberto Nicolosi. Stars Barbara Steele (Prinzessin Katja), John Richardson (Gorobec), Ivo Garrini (Prinz Vaja, Vampir), Andrea Checchi (Dr. Choma) and Arturo Dominici (Javuto). Alternate English titles: Revenge of the vampire and Mask of the demon. Based on Nikolai Gogol’s story “The Vij.”
    films / video / Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich / Vij

  3. Vij. Director: Erchov, Constantin. Mosfilm, Russia, 1967.
    Screenplay by Guergui Kropatchov after Gogol. Cinematography by Provorov and Pistchanikow. Stars Nathalia Varlei and Leonid Konravliev.
    films / video / Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich / Vij

    --Reviews and Literary Criticism of Nikolai Vailiev Gogol and his works, including his short story “Vij”http://www-lib.usc.edu/~melindah/eurovamp/gogol.htm [May 2004]

    A Bibliography of Non-English European Resources on Vampires in Literature, Folklore, and Popular Culture by Melinda K. Hayes

Viy (1967) - Konstantin Yershov, Georgi Kropachyov

Viy (1967) - Konstantin Yershov, Georgi Kropachyov [Amazon.com]
An eerie, foreboding, rarely-seen classic horror film from Russia, "Viy" is based on 19th century writer Nikolai Gogol's original story of Thomas Brutus, a theology student who is forced to read scripture for a young woman who has died. What he doesn't know is, she is the devil's emissary on earth. Over the three nights of his mission, Thomas is tempted and tormented by all the minions of hell as the young man's faith and courage are tested in a trial by fire. --amazon.com

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