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Vogue magazine

Vogue May 1975, Norman Parkinson


Vogue magazine is a fashion and style magazine published in several countries under several names. It is widely considered the most influential fashion magazine in the world. Competitors include W, Harper's Bazaar and Elle. Vogue is published by Conde Nast Publications, Inc. The world headquarters Vogue are in New York City.

Various editions of Vogue are published throughout the world. Particularly significant are the editions in the major fashion-exporting countries, such as Italy and France.

The current editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue is Anna Wintour, famous for her perfect bob and her habit of wearing sunglasses inside. A famous past editor is Diana Vreeland. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vogue, Apr 2004

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Diana Vreeland

Diana Dalziel Vreeland (July 29, 1906, Paris, France - August 22, 1989) is a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. Diana Vreeland was born Diana Dalziel, the daughter of English father, Frederick Young Dalziel (d. 1960), and an American mother who was a descendant of George Washington's brother.

Diana's family came to the United States of America at the outbreak of World War I, and moved to 15 East 77th Street in New York, quickly becoming prominent members of New York society. On March 1, 1924, she married Thomas Reed Vreeland at St. Thomas's church in New Yok. After their honeymoon, they moved to Albany, New York and raised their two sons, staying there until 1928. They then moved to Hanover Terace, Regents Park, London. She was presented to the King and Queen of England in Buckingham Palace on May 18, 1933. In 1937, her husband's job brought them back to New York, where they lived for the remainder of their lives.

Her fashion career began in 1937 as columnist for Harper's Bazaar. Joined Vogue in 1962, where she was editor-in-chief until 1971. Her husband died in 1967. She became consultant to the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1971. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana_Vreeland, Apr 2004

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    Vogue lives by the maxim that you can't be too rich or too thin--or have too many ad pages. But the glossy spreads of broomstick-thin supermodels draped in Prada and Chanel, and the endless pages of ads for the finest clothes, accessories, and makeup the beauty industry has to offer, help make it the leading magazine of women's style. Fashion is the main event, but every issue attends society parties, goes inside the home of a celebrity designer, and travels to an exotic resort or vacation spot. Like Playboy, Vogue is a magazine you can claim to read because the articles are good. Famously, the September fall fashion issue can easily top 700 pages. --Katherine Koberg for Amazon.com

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