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West End records

Related: 1970s - 1980s - record label - New York music - dance music - disco music - Mel Cheren - proto house music

Tracks: Is it All over My Face?

Typical West End twelve inch sleeve


West End recoreds was founded in 1976, by Mel Cheren and Ed Kushins. They had met a few years earlier, when they were employed by Specter records. Mel Cheren was Michael Brody lover, who was the owner of the famous Paradise Garage club.

West End Top 10

  1. New York Citi Peech Boys 'Don't Make Me Wait' (1982)
  2. Loose Joints 'Is It All Over (Remix) (1980)
  3. Inez Brooks Chillin' Out(1981)
  4. Taana Gardner - Work That Body (1979)
  5. Taana Gardner 'Heartbeat' (1981)
  6. Ednah Holt - 'Serious, Sirious Space Party (1981)
  7. Taana Gardner 'When You Touch Me' 1979
  8. Debbie Trusty - Searchin' For Some Lovin'/1982
  9. Raw Silk 'Do It To The Music' (1982)
  10. Brenda Taylor 'You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too' (1982)

Some noteable West End releases