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Whipping means the act of flagellation --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whipping [Mar 2005]

Erotic use of whipping

In the sexual subculture of BDSM, "flagellation" involves beating the submissive partner and is a form of impact play. Such a flogging is not always delivered with forceful blows, sometimes it is done with very soft blows repeated a great many times so as to make the skin sensitive, so that the softest impact can eventually feel very intense. Flogging for erotic thrill, typically with implements such as whips, paddles, or canes, has been called the It is discussed with other displaced eroticism at the entry for paraphilia. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagellation#Erotic_use [Mar 2005]

Whipped women in mainstream film

A list of movies that contain whipping scenes. If you want a really long list, click here.

Belle de jour (1967) - Luis Buñuel

Belle de jour (1967) - Luis Buñuel [Amazon.com]

Belle de jour (1967) - Luis Buñuel [Amazon.com]

Belle de jour is a 1967 French film starring Catherine Deneuve. The film was directed by the late Spanish director Luis Buñuel. It is based on the 1928 novel of the same name by Joseph Kessel.

Séverine Serizy is a young, beautiful Paris housewife who has masochistic daydream fantasies about elaborate floggings and bondage. She is married to a doctor and loves him, but cannot share physical intimacy with him. A male friend mentions a high-class brothel to Séverine, and soon she secretly tries to work there during the afternoon (using the pseudonym Belle de jour). The brothel is run by Madame Anais, played by Geneviève Page. Séverine will only work up until five o'clock each day, returning to her blissfully unaware husband in the evening. Her husband, Pierre, is played by Jean Sorel.

Or is this all a fantasy? And if so, whose? --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belle_de_jour [Mar 2005]

[Chatherine Deneuve is whipped when tied to a tree]

The Whip and The Body (1963) - Mario Bava

The Whip and The Body (1963) - Mario Bava [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Scene from The Whip and The Body (1963) - Mario Bava [Amazon.com]

A classic by horror maestro Mario Bava, The Whip and the Body, could suitably be described as a Sadean love story. It is “Sadean” in that it details a sexual relationship wherein sexual activity between the couple does not revolve around genital intercourse. In fact, sexual activity is almost completely replaced by violent behaviour. Made in 1963, the film was ahead of its time, with its portrayal of a woman's immersion into a world of sadomasochistic fantasy, four years before Buñuel's own Belle de Jour. The film is set in a Gothic castle, the family home of the Menliff's, whose eldest son, Kurt (charismatically played by Christopher Lee) has returned home to reclaim both his title and his ex-lover Nevenka (Daliah Lavi), who is now married to his brother, Christian (Tony Kendall). --Lindsay Hallam, Jan 2004, http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/04/30/whips_and_bodies.html

The Embryo Hunts in Secret (1966) - Koji Wakamatsu

I've seldom seen such a mixture of disturbing violence and heartrending visual poetry as in this film by Koji Wakamatsu. There is but so much you can do with the story of a woman who is kept prisoner in an apartment; where she is repeatedly humiliated, beaten and tortured by her psycho boyfriend. Unless your name is Wakamatsu. This is 1966 and we are treated to visual experimentation from bleachers to freeze frames, inventive choice of camera angles and virtuoso editing. In one torture scene the sound completely disappears and we can only see the woman's face contort with pain. This is not cheap sensationalism but a highly inventive film which, here and there, makes excellent use of classical music to underline the action. Although the violence is disturbing one cannot help but feel sorry for the man. His sick, twisted mind is torn between tender feelings for his prisoner and the violent impulses that make him torture her. Koji Wakamatsu's handling of the script manages to convincingly show this duality. Fascinating in its austere and brutal poetry, this film paved the way for other Wakamatsu masterpieces like Violated Angels (1967) and Go,Go, Second Time Virgin (1969). --libertyvalance via imdb.com http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061059/ [Aug 2004]

This sado-masochistic film deals with the extra-marital activities of a disturbed man. He finds a female, ties her up, whips her, cuts her with razor blades. He refuses to have a child with his wife, and spends his free time with his willing mistress. She soon tires of his sadistic games. Grabbing a knife, the woman seeks to leave a deep and lasting mark on her tormentor. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

Maitresse (1976) - Barbet Schroeder

Maitresse (1976) - Barbet Schroeder [Amazon.com]

Maitresse is a 1973 French movie directed by Barbet Schroeder and starring Bulle Ogier and Gerard Depardieu in an early role.

The film provoked controversy in the United Kingdom and the United States because of its graphic depictions of sado-masochistic behaviour.

Olivier (Depardieu) is a small-time crook. He and a friend happen to meet a woman, Ariane (Ogier) whose plumbing needs to be fixed. They fix the pipes and learn that the landlord downstairs is away. They take the opportunity to burgle him. However they discover that in fact downstairs Ariane has a torture chamber - she is working as a professional dominatrix. Olivier, at Ariane's request, helps her with her work and slowly becomes obsessed with her but struggles with her sado-masochistic activities. Olivier tries to understand and take control of Ariane, who he believes is scared in her job. However as their love blossoms, their natural roles of dominant and submissive cannot be overcome. [edit]

Release in the United Kingdom
Maitresse was first considered for release by the British Board of Film Classification in 1976. It was banned from release, with the Board's examiner stating that the film was "miles in excess of anything we have released in this field". This quote itself led the film to achieve a certain level of notoriety. In 1981 the film was resubmitted. Following 4 mins and 47 seconds of cuts from the most graphic scenes, the film was released with an X certificate. In 2003, the film was submitted for a third time and, following a relaxation of guidelines, passed at the 18 certificate without cuts.

The film was rated X in the United States. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma%EEtresse_%28film%29 [Mar 2005]

The Story of O (1975) - Just Jaeckin

The Story of O (1975) - Just Jaeckin [Amazon.com]

A film, The Story of O, was made in 1975 by director Just Jaeckin, starring Corinne Clery. The film met with far less acclaim than the book. It was banned in the United Kingdom by the British Board of Film Censors until February 2000. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Story_of_O [Oct 2004]

A milestone of cinematic eroticism, The Story of O was an art house sensation in 1975, and it's still worthy of intelligent discussion. As with the controversial French novella by Pauline Réage, reactions to Just Jaeckin's sumptuous adaptation range from moral outrage to masturbatory indulgence, yet this remains one of the few sex films that stand the test of time (and a lot of academic study). Championed by practitioners of bondage and discipline and vilified by feminists, this metaphorical "love dream" (as Jaeckin has called it) follows the beautiful fashion photographer "O" (Corrine Clery) as she, like many gorgeously naked women before her, is "trained" for a seemingly satisfying life of love and discipline, her freedom sacrificed to the man (Anthony Steel) whom she willingly obeys. The debate whether Jaeckin's feminine-empowerment ending, which differs from that of the novella, justifies a story of humiliating submission is just one more reason why The Story of O endures. (Note: This DVD presents the 97-minute version of the film, edited by the director to improve pacing and not for purposes of censorship.) --Jeff Shannon for Amazon.com

Videodrome (1983) - David Cronenberg

Videodrome (1983) - David Cronenberg [Amazon.com]

Videodrome is a 1983 film written and directed by David Cronenberg. James Woods and Deborah Harry star.

The film's story begins with the program director (Woods) of a sleazy local cable TV channel looking for new material to titillate his viewers. His technical staff picks up transmissions of bizarre, violent programs. As the director attempts to locate the source of the transmissions, he finds that they are beginning to affect him mentally, and then, as will be familiar to those who have seen Cronenberg's earlier films, to cause him to undergo a physiological transformation as well.

Because the film takes place entirely from the lead character's point of view, it becomes difficult to tell what is real and what is hallucination. A vagina-like opening appears in his stomach, allowing the villains to mentally program him by inserting video cassettes into it; as the film goes on, these begin to look more like tumours. Under the influence of his programming he takes a gun, which merges with his hand to form a literal "handgun", and shoots his former employers. He is then literally reprogrammed by Harry's character, so that when one of the villains attempts to insert another tumour-like cassette into him he is able to fuse a grenade to the man's arm (i. e., a "hand grenade") which explodes and kills him.

Woods's character finally takes refuge on a derelict boat in the harbour, where he sees a TV set showing an image of himself pointing his handgun at his head and saying "long live the new flesh". His on-screen image shoots himself and the TV explodes, spilling human intestines all over the deck. He then repeats the action he has just watched, pulls the trigger, and the screen goes blank.

From the above description it will be obvious that Cronenberg has lost none of his taste for depictions of bodily distortions and viscera. The film can be seen as a highly literal metaphor for the corruption of television. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videodrome [Oct 2004]

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