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White Culture

Problem of definition

Almost every university has programs in First Nations Studies, Asian Studies and Black or African-American Studies. There are scarcely any White Studies. My ignorance is directly related to what Pajaczkowska and Young call the "absent centre of White ethnicity". White culture has not been studied because it is based on power. --Martin Daws

An identity based on power never has to develop a sense of itself as responsible, it has no sense of its limits except as those are perceived in opposition to others. The blankness of the identity of empire covers an ambivalence which is often unconscious, and which, consequently, can most readily be perceived in the representations it creates of the colonial "other" (Pajaczowska & Young, 1992, p. 202).

Daws, Martin. (2001). Wiggers and Wannabes: White Ethnicity in Contemporary Youth Culture.

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