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Wild Pitch parties

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Posted by DONALD on May 19, 1999 at 00:41:07:
Before the Shelter and after the Paradise Garage there was WILD PITCH parties. Peace to all the wildpitch dj's DISCIPLE, CAMACHO, Bobby Konders, Victor Rosado, Kenny Carpenter, manski, Nick Jones, Timmy richardson, DJ Pierre(from chicago), and all the other DJ's.
I remember the night Tony Humphries was there on a easter sunday in 1990 Tony and Disciple rocked. I remember Bobby Konders spinning deep slowtempo classics in the early hours. Stuff like the M.jackson- I wanna be were you are, L. richie love will find away, and stuff like earth,wind and fire- side by side. I miss the wild pitch and all the wild pitch dj's.

After the Garage and Before the Shelter There was Wild Pitch. This is how it started. Greg daye was doing parties in his basement in Brooklyn. David Camacho spinning at a club in New Jersey. Greg's basement parties were packed and Camacho used to hangout at Greg's parties. They came together and formed Wild Pitch. Which started in 1988 at club on 20th street in New York called The Space. The original DJs of the first night were David Camacho, Nick Jones, and Bobby Konders. The DJ's that started at Wild Pitch in some eyes are now legends around the NYC area. Three DJs hosted the card on a WP night. Some of the other WP DJs were DJ Basil( Basil Thomas), DJ Disciple, Victor Rosado, Manski, Timmy Richardson, Kim Lightfoot, Kenny Carpenter, Tee Scott, and Tony Humpries( a couple of times). David Camacho on WP "When we started out the garage was closed and everybody in New York was on the Acid House tip and classics were not being played often. The First night had 1500 people. I soon after David (DJ DISCIPLE) joined just then came Basil and Manski and DJs like Timmy Richardson and Kim Lightfoot started at Wild Pitch in the early, mid 90's."
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