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Women in advertising

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Sergio Rossi Shoe Advertisement

Pirelli 1963 - 2001 [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Lil Kim - Keeping it Real (1999)- David LaChapelle

Depiction of Women in Advertising

Schiaffo Advertisement

Women are not only portrayed in decorative senses in advertising (Wiles 1991), but too often they are portrayed as less-than-human objects—humiliated and subjects of violence. These ads establish the problematic dimensions of gender and sexuality in western society. Quite simply, for those who deny the problem, have a look at these ads. None of these are harmless! -- Dr. Scott A. Lukas, http://www.ltcconline.net/lukas/gender/pages/dehumanize.htm http://www.genderads.com/gender.htm [May 2004]

Some people never learn! Some of these companies have been producing disturbing images of women for years. We thought it would be nice to separate these advertisers into a class of their own. Sort of a class with no class. It's fun around here when someone new makes it into the Offender Hall of Shame. We send them this fancy certificate and add them to the list.

These are advertisers that year after year after year make money using limited and often demeaning images of women in their advertising. Unfortunately, many consumers buy products from these companies without realizing that their dollars actually help perpetuate negative imagery of women. By inducting these companies into the Offender Hall of Shame we encourage you to boycott them. We also challenge these companies to get out of the Hall of Shame, though we aren't sure what kind of good behavior would reverse the damage (it's sort of that 3 strikes and you're out thing....)

It may not seem like a big deal for these companies to get a little certificate from About-Face, but we have a feeling this is not a list they'll want to stay on for long. Please think twice about spending your hard earned cash with these companies and don't be shy about contacting them.

Hmmm, doesn't anyone ELSE make a pair of jeans...

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--http://www.about-face.org/goo/archive/ [Sept 2004]

Frances Cobiasa

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Fashion advertising

Sergio Rossi advertisement
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Guiseppe Zanotti advertisement
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Missoni advertisement
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These images feature what might be considered the worst ads from the thousands collected here at Genderads.com. All of the ads are offensive, but the ones featured on this page are perhaps some of the worst. --http://www.ltcconline.net/lukas/gender/pages/hallofshame.htm [May 2004]

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