Woody Cunningham

Woody Cunningham

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    [...] When he wasn't writing funk history with his band Kleeer, Woody Cunningham also played on sleazy disco classics like Candido's 'Thousand Finger Man' or 'Dancing and Prancing'. Very Lofty, indeed. More recently he released 'Delicious' in a real Kleeer style and 'Ooh with you' on which he 'ooohwed' with ex-Kleeer member Paul Crutchfield. His latest release is the solo-album 'Never Say Never' by which you finally understand where the title on top of this table came from. Kleeer enough. [...]


    Woody Cunningham should need little introduction to anybody on the r&b scene. As former lead vocalist, co-producer and drummer for the Atlantic Records group Kleeer (with whom he recorded seven albums between 1979 and 1986), his voice and songwriting produced such classics as "Keep Your Body Working", "Open Your Mind", "Get Tough", "Intimate Connection" and "Never Cry Again".

    Originally, Woody's considerable talents as drummer brought him session work for Salsoul Records. He toured with the Universal Robot Band (originally a studio concept in 1976 before members of the touring band teamed up on their own as Kleeer), and played on many of the so-called 'loft classics' such as "Jingo", "Thousand Finger Man" and "Dancing & Prancing" for Candido.

    It was while he was with Salsoul that he met fellow recording artist Jocelyn Brown, who on hearing Woody's voice persuaded him to take a serious look at a vocal career. He soon became vocalist with Kleeer who toured the world through the 70s and 80s notching up heavy duty sales of albums "I Love To Dance", "Winners", "License To Dream", "Intimate Connection" and "Seeekret".

    The Kleeer sound continued into the 90s with "Delicious" for the Image label, remaining original members Woody and Paul Crutchfield more recently releasing "Oooh With You" in the UK via Old English Records. It's also lives on through "Never Say Never", Woody's stunning debut solo album collaboration between Old English Records and Expansion.

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